July 2017 a.y.p.s.



AZELSGARD Confraternity of Lawlessness MCD
Previously released as a limited to 66 copies tape.This sold-out since years material now released as an MCD hand-numbered to 500 copies. True Podlachian Horned Metal! A testimony of the terror that lurks to the very depths of the Polish underground...

Price: 7 Euro

Trades and wholesales are welcomed!

Sample: https://youtu.be/MjEuWYEcJFM

Official distribution through FROST & FIRE Web-shop



June 2016 a.y.p.s.


SPEAR OF LONGINUS Domni Satnasi Rehearsal TAPE

Now available for first time! A Spear of Longinus Rehearsal that took place before the actual Domni Satnasi recording sessions.
3 tracks + unreleased intro/outro with a total playtime of 27 minutes.ESOTERIC NS METAL! Comes in pro-maded, factory-sealed Tapes. Limited to 250 copies.

Sample : https://youtu.be/rPS3rvXJKIo



Out now on Totenkopf Propaganda: MCD release of Arische Freiheit. These three tracks with a running time of
eighteen minutes - the only of Arische Freiheit short history - were never released in any official capacity,
demo or otherwise. Recorded in 1997, the music, while crude and primitive Pagan Doom/Death drudgery, represents the
feeling of being slowly pulled apart by the forces of postmodern demise; as though sitting and watching
the light of Being grow dimmer and dimmer before fading out for the last time...

Sample: https://youtu.be/7x9Tw15rrxs


Official distribution of TOTENKOPF PROPAGANDA releases through FROST & FIRE : www.frost-and-fire.com




May 2015 a.y.p.s.

Out Now!!!

MARDRAUM "Southern Darkness" CD

Hailing from Victoria, Australia - Mardraum proudly presents 'SOUTHERN DARKNESS'. Recorded in Van Diemen's Land by Vrag Moj.
Nine relentless hymns of supreme Raw Black Metal. A regurgitation of uncompromising hatred that stands out from the sea of shit deriving from money-hungry Jews and politically-correct sheep who cannot think for themselves...
Dedicated to the true Australian elite, they know who they are!

You can listen a sample here: https://youtu.be/fqgjkbgGtTw

Price : 8 Euro (+Postage)

Officially Distributed by FROST & FIRE

Trades & Wholesales are welcomed!



December 2014 a.y.p.s.



From now on Totenkopf Propaganda Distro will be handled by the web-shop of Frost & Fire.
Its address is :


Totenkopf Propaganda will continue, but only for doing releases. Not as Distribution.
Also, this website, its e-mails and the mailing list will continue working too.


October 2014 a.y.p.s.

Coming Next!!!

BUIO "Buio" CD

The debut album by this one-man band from Italy. The sounds from the Dungeons of Darkness returned from the South!
Expect this release later this year.

A special offer valid untill the release date of BUIO album:

BUIO "Promo 14" CDr

Copies of this very limited promo now available through Totenkopf Propaganda!
"Promo 14" is a demo which feature a Rehearsal/Rough Mix preview of 7 songs from the debut album.

Free with any order or trade! Just ask about it.

For samples and more info on BUIO check his official websites:




June 2014 a.y.p.s.




SVOLDER (Can) "Desecration of The Five Holy Pillars" CD

Where pests gather, so predators strike. Marked by contemptuous bellows of blasphemy and profaned melodies, SVOLDER unleash a nuclear detonation upon the Kaaba with their first Full-length "Desecration of the Five Holy Pillars".
Onward SVOLDER march along their unrelenting iron path, spitting curses and offense at those who wander the meaningless journey, blind in their submission to the Five Pillars of Islam. CD comes with a 16-page booklet.

Sample : HERE

Price : 10 Euro

Trades & Wholesales are welcomed!





April 2014 a.y.p.s.

Coming Next!!!

SVOLDER (Can) "Desecration of The Five Holy Pillars" CD

To be released in May 2014.

More info later....


ARYAN BLOOD CD Is sold-out. WODULF & FJORD CDs down to the last copies!





August 2013 a.y.p.s.



Debut full-length Decleration. A Storm of Racial Intolerance and Pitiless Hatred from these French Disciples of Warmongering Black Metal!Furor Francorum!

Released in co-operation with HONOUR & HATE Productions.

Sample : HERE

Price : 10 Euro

Trades & Wholesales are welcomed!


May 2011 a.y.p.s.


ABSURD "Asgardsrei" CD

Once upon a time, "Asgardsrei" was recorded in a hurry and without any sound engineer who would assist the band at mixing and mastering their recordings. Hence the initial mixdown, done by the band, suffered from serious flaws affecting the intended impact of this album. Regardless of that, after the release in 1998 "Asgardsrei" was soon to be hailed as a pillar of German Black Metal in general as well as of NSBM in particular.

The band was never satisfied with the sound of this album, though. Many years and re-releases later, the original ADAT-tapes resurfaced all of a sudden. It was decided to seize upon this opportunity and to have the original recordings remixed and remastered. One of the best sound engineers in Black Metal started to work on the rough material, and his final achievement has ultimately exceeded any and all expectations.

After more than 12 years, the Tyrants of German Black Metal celebrate their triumphal return in all glory and hatred! Remixed, revised, remastered: The Return of Asgardsrei!

SAMPLES : 1 , 2 , 3

Price : 10 Euro

Trade & Wholesales are welcomed!


September 2011 a.y.p.s.



Regular CD version : 10 EURO
Digipack version : 12 Euro

Wholesales & Trades are welcomed!

Paypal : wolforder@hotmail.com


March 2011 a.y.p.s.

The following Totenkopf Propaganda products are sold out:

AZELSGARD "Diabolic Ritual in The Cursed Forest" 7"EP
WODULF "...From The Corpsegates" T-Shirts & Sweatshirts

Upcoming Releases planned for 2011:

DER STÜRMER "Transcendental Racial Idealism" CD (Jewelcase & Digipack)
OCCULT CRYPT (Ger) "t.b.a." CD
AZELSGARD New EP (Tape Version)


More info in time...


December 2010 a.y.p.s.

Out Now Under The Death`s Head Banner!

AZELSGARD (Pol) "Diabolic Ritual in The Cursed Forest" 7"EP

Enclosing the ominous fog of Azelsgard`s forest. 13 minutes of True Podlachian Horned Metal from the elite of Polish Underground. EP limited to 300 copies. Comes with inlay.

Price : 5 Euro + Postage.

Limited trades & Wholesales.


ARYAN BLOOD (Ger) "Through Struggle To Victory" CD

With "Through Struggle to Victory" ARYAN BLOOD celebrates its 14 years of existence in the deepest depths of the underground. Find here in total 13 rough attacks of Politically Incorrect Black Metal Warfare, collected from all previous releases, all of them carefully remastered!

Price: 10 Euro

Trades & Wholesales are welcomed!


October 2010 a.y.p.s.

***NOTE: I`ll be away from 21st to 29th of October. During this time i`ll be out of the country. So i can`t see/answer any e-mails or send any parcels. Ofcourse, all trades & orders so far will be shipped before this dates.

*** The two releases announced before are almost done and hopefully i`ll have them in my hands in the next days. More info in upcoming updates.



July 2010 a.y.p.s.

Coming next under the Death`s Head Banner:

AZELSGARD "Diabolic Ritual in the Cursed Forest" 7"EP
A limited 7"EP. Expect nothing but Slavonic Horned Metal! Crafted by veterans of the Polish Black Metal scene.

ARYAN BLOOD "t.b.a." Compilation CD
The full discography of this Cult German NSBM band so far, carefully remastered and included in one cd.

More info and release dates soon!



February 2010 a.y.p.s.


WODULF "...from The Corpsegates" T-shirts and Sweatshirts

Official shirts with theme taken from the recently released 2nd full-length album "...from The Corpsegates".
Two Sides , White doubleprint on Black Shirts.

Available sizes : M , L & XL


T-shirts : 15 Euro
Sweatshirts : 25 Euro

(Paypal fees & postage included in the price)



BLAZEBIRTH HALL releases now officially distributed through Totenkopf Propaganda Productions

RAVENDARK "Catarsis" Digi CD
Album from 2000. Never released before! Now available limited to 500 copies! Comes in high quality digipack with two folded panels, including lyrics and Blazebirth Hall art.

BRANIKALD "A Lifebetrayal to a Lifedenial" Digi CD
Album from 1998. Never released before! Now available limited to 500 copies. Comes in high quality digipack, including 12-page booklet with lyrics & Blazebirth Hall art. Included a seperate sheet with the lyrics translated in English.

Price : 15 Euro
(Paypal fees and postage included)

Available from :

E-mail : totenkopfpropaganda@hotmail.com

Paypal Orders : wolforder@hotmail.com


November 2009 a.y.p.s.


WODULF (Hellas) "...from The Corpsegates" CD
Wodulf returns with a full-length album of Ancient Gruesome Black Metal from Hellas, inspired by the darkest passages of Homeric poetry, HellenoRoman Necromancy, Oskoreian Terror & Germanic Werwolf Cults! 8 Stygian Psalms to the Realm of Hades, a dreadful descent to the forgotten catacombs of the old European lore...

Sample MP3 HERE


FJORD (Can) "Vor Tru" CD
At last, the storm from Northern Vinland is unleashed upon Midhgardhr!
Fjörd’s debut full length album VOR TRU is ready to wage war through the nine worlds with its unique genre of Wotanic folk-metal inspired by legendary bands such as Isengard, Bathory, Storm and Hades. Ten thundering hymns of war and heathen pride, courage and valour, sacrifice and death are sung with clean, deep vocals exclusively and supported by a massive wall of sound and battle drums. This comes with a 16 page full-coloured booklet with lyrics and impressive graphic work.

Sample MP3 HERE

Also :

DER STÜRMER "Bloodsworn" (The First Decade) Compilation CD
The 2nd press is available now!!! The 10th year Anniversary Compilation including all the vinyl (EP 2002 & Split EPs), rare compilation & bonus LP tracks. Comes with thick 24-page booklet including all covers and full lyrics. Total 14 tracks, over 49 min. of Hellenic Heathen/NS Black Metal!

Still available:

Storming Finnish Pagan Metal in the vein of Epic Bathory & Morrigan

Price : 10 Euro (Paypal fees are not included)

Trades and wholesales are welcomed!

Paypal : wolforder@hotmail.com

WODULF CD is also available as high quality Digipack through Deathsquad Rex : http://www.deathsquadrex.com
For wholesales, retail and paypal: deathsquadrex@yahoo.com



October 2009 a.y.p.s.

*** Totenkopf Propaganda will be closed from 25th of October untill 1st of November. All these days i`ll be out of the country and not able to send any parcels or answer any e-mails. All remaining orders/trades already sent in friday 23rd of October.

September 2009 a.y.p.s.

The next two releases coming soon from Totenkopf Propaganda:

WODULF (Hellas) "...from the Corpsegates" CD
FJORD (Canada) "Vor Tru" CD

Both bands finished recently their recordings. Currently we are finalizing the layouts and both CDs will be send to press within the next 2 weeks.
Below you can find the full track list from each release. The covers and music samples will be available on the release date.

WODULF "...from The Corpsegates"

I. Doomed By The Scythe of Disease
II. Lycanthropus - Ex Tumulus Preliator Exsisto
III. Nekyia (Hiddeous Rite of The Spilled Blood)
IV. Resound the Hooves of the Army of the Deceased
V. A Black Skullbanner Appeared from the Corpsegates
VI. 13 Urns
VII. Spectral Shades Around the Sepulchre
VIII. Blood on the Altar of Dis

FJORD "Vor Tru"

I. Shores of Vinland
II. Over Mountains into the Storm
III. The Calling
IV. At the Oaken Table of Wotan
V. Hammercreed
VI. A l'ombre des Fjords
VII. Je Lève ma Corne
VIII.Vinland the Proud
IX. Fire and Blood
X. Boudicca



August 2009 a.y.p.s.

*** Its been a while since the last update. Two new CD releases coming up this Autumn.

More info soon...


*** RAVENBANNER "...and Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past" CD is sold out from Totenkopf Propaganda. There is some distros around that still have it available. Drop a line if you are intrested to obtain it.





April 2009 a.y.p.s.


Listen an mp3 HERE

Price: 10 Euro

Wholesales and Trades are welcomed!

Paypal orders: wolforder@hotmail.com



January 2009 a.y.p.s.

*** DER STÜRMER "Bloodsworn" CD
The first press (1000 copies) is nearly sold out. So from now on limited trades/wholesales for this release.
A re-press will come during 2009 a.y.p.s.
The Digipack & Double LP version of this Compilation album are still available through Deathsquad Rex:

*** From the endless forests and thousand lakes of Finland comes the Great Spirit of the Storm!
Totenkopf Propaganda Productions in co-operation with Darker Than Black Rex will release the 2nd full-length album of STORMHEIT titled "Kvenland". This Cd will go to press soon and will be out within few weeks. A masterpiece of Raging Pagan Metal!



December 2008 a.y.p.s.


DER STÜRMER "Bloodsworn" (The First Decade) Compilation CD Out now!!!
The 10th year Anniversary Compilation including all the vinyl (EP 2002 & Split EPs), rare compilation & bonus LP tracks. Comes with thick 24-page booklet including all covers and full lyrics. Total 14 tracks, over 49 min. of Hellenic Heathen/NS Black Metal!

Wholesales and Trades are welcomed!!!

May 2008 a.y.p.s.


RAVENBANNER "...And Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past" CD
8 years after their one and only demo, the time has finally come for the last rite of RAVENBANNER... 6 buried and forgotten tracks from a 2001 session, return from oblivion to mark the short era of a band that was created out of pure hateful feelings and coldness... Harsh and Raw Black Metal Paganism inspired by the early 90s' Antichristian War and the scent of the Burning Churches...
This album includes the demo as a bonus and it's the tombstone of RAVENBANNER.

Price : 10 EURO

Wholesales and Trades are welcomed!

E-mail : totenkopfpropaganda@hotmail.com
Paypal orders : wolforder@hotmail.com

March 2008 a.y.p.s.

- RAVENBANNER "...And Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past" CD
The first and last album of Ravenbanner will be send to press in next month. "...and Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past" contains tracks that were recorded back in 2001 and stayed instrumental and unreleased untill Jarl Von Hagall decided to finally add the vocals and release these songs as a Full-length CD, including the Demo 2000 as a bonus. This album will be tombstone of RAVENBANNER.

- WODULF are currently working on their 2nd full-length album(Not Mini album as it was announced earlier) that will be titled "...from the Corpsegates". Some track titles are : "A Black Skullbanner appeared from the Corpsegates", "Resound the Hooves of the Army of the Deceased", "Semitic Blood burns on the Altar of Dis", "Lycanthropus - Ex Tumulus Preliator Exsisto" e.t.c.
No release date yet...

November 2007 a.y.p.s.


THE NIGHT AND THE FOG "Part III - Underground Heathen Hammer" Compilation CD

Price : 10 Euro

Wholesales available and trades are very welcomed!

nnnnnOctober 2007 a.y.p.s.

"Underground Heathen Hammer"

Finally, 4 years since the release of the 2nd Volume, the 3rd part is completed!
Coming with 20-page booklet and including ONLY unreleased tracks from The Pagan Front and related hordes.

The Complete Track list is:

HUNOK(Hung) "Hadur"
DARK FURY(Pol) "A Gift"
TYRANATH(Usa) "Heathen Heart"
KRODA(Ukr) "Blood Rains Down"
ULFHETHNAR(Arg) "Warriors of The Eagle And The Serpent"
XENOPHOBIA(Usa) "Norseman"
PANZERGREIF(Fra) "Panzergreif"
EVIL(Bra) "Ancient Hatred"
GRAVELAND(Pol) "Spear of Wotan"
FJORD(Can) "Remember"
SOMBRE CHEMIN(Fra) "L`Aurore Fraternelle"
MARTIAL(Pol) "Mtot na Chrzescijanstwo"
EVIL INCARNATE(Usa) "Killed by The Lions"
SIGVEGR(Bra) "Chaos Propaganda"

The compilation will be send to press next week and it will be out in late October/Early November.


April 2007 a.y.p.s.


CAPRICORNUS/DER STÜRMER "Polish-Hellenic Alliance against Z.O.G.!"

The Originally released in 2003 a.y.p.s. split album by WOLFTOWER REX, now re-pressed!!.
Including exclusive material from both bands which never appeared on any other releases.
Expect nothing but Polish-Hellenic NS Black Metal!

CD available from :

Totenkopf Propaganda Productions

Paypal orders : wolforder@hotmail.com

Digipack CD & Gatefold LP available from:

Deathsquad Rex


Wholesales available
Trades are very welcomed!


*** A Blog created***



Check the site for statement & purpose!




February 2007 a.y.p.s.

Coming next :

CAPRICORNUS/DER STURMER "Polish-Hellenic Alliance Against Z.O.G.!" CD

The re-press of the split that originally came out in 2003 and now is sold out since years ago. The cd is already sent to press and it will be available in the first days of March!

Other Releases scheduled for 2007 a.y.p.s.

FJÖRD "Vor Tru" Cd

FJÖRD is the band of Vjohrrnt V. Wodansson ( ex Nacht Und Nebel r.i.p.) on drums/vocals and Orgoth on guitars, acoustic guitars and bass. FJÖRD plays Old-school NORSE FOLK METAL inspired by Bathory , Old Isengard, Old Hades, Storm and Traditional Folk Music. Currently they have a promo out and available from their address titled "Vinlandic Northern Heritage".

The band is now working on the tracks for their debut album that will be released sometime in 2007 a.y.p.s. under the banner of Totenkopf Propaganda Productions. In the meantime you can check some of their tracks here : www.myspace.com/fjord14


Totenkopf Propaganda have start already working and gathering the track for the 3rd part of this Classic Pagan Front compilation cd. Wait again exclusive & unreleased tracks from The Pagan Front bands, and ofcourse not the same(bands) that appeared on the 2nd volume. The released date is for June 2007 a.y.p.s.

More info about the compilation line up in next months...

November 2006 a.y.p.s.


EVIL (Bra) “Arktogäa” Mcd

EVIL returns with 6 new songs of True Harsh Heathen Black Metal in the vein of Old Graveland and a concept based on Guido Von List’s works. A contribution for the Resurgence of an instinctive animal feeling, a collective unconscious embodied in the Archetype of Wuotanism and Ariosophy.
Including Widar of Bilskirnir in session vocals, lyrics and arrangements.

Price: 8 Euro
Wholesales & Trade offers are welcomed

MP3 Here

September 2006 a.y.p.s.

Totenkopf Propaganda will be closed from 11th to 20th of September. During this time i`ll be out of the country , so no e-mails will be answered nor parcels will be send.

August 2006 a.y.p.s.


Wholesales & Trades available from Totenkopf Propaganda too.



March 2006 A.y.p.s.

Available now!


The First Official Tribute to the Polish Heathen Legend is out now!

For Track List Click Here


February2006 A.y.p.s.


BRANIKALD (Rus) “Triumph of The Will” Cd
Newest album out now! Fierce, Russian NS Black Metal blended with RAC riffs and Folk elements. Cd comes with 12-page booklet that include all the lyrics in Russian & English.
Raven Fierce MP3
Heil Wotan! MP3
HATE FOREST (Ukr) “Sorrow” Tape
Tape version of the album, which is the Epitome in the History of this magnificent Ukrainian horde. Except nothing than Unearthed Carpathian
Grimness, pure Sorrow!


December 2005 A.y.p.s.

***In Order to regain some space in the Bunker and also to reduce the Distro stock, we have decided to lower the prices in all the stuff that Produced or Distributed by Totenkopf Propaganda. So for all the orders from 1/1/2006 A.y.p.s. the prices for all the items are the following:

Cds: 10 Euro (For any order that include 4 copies you can choose also 2 more
copies for free from any of the Cds that listed on this site)
Tapes/Zines: 3 Euro
7eps: 6 Euro
LPs: 10 Euro (+ postage depends the Country)
T-shirts: 10 Euro

November 2005 A.y.p.s.

***We accept now PAYPAL Orders at : wolforder@hotmail.com

September 2005 A.y.p.s.


ABSURD (Ger) "Facta Loquuntur" Cass. Album
Official Tape version of the long sold out 1st album from the Tyrants of German Black Metal. Including the original track list. No bonus tracks!
NACHT UND NEBEL (Can) "Totalen Krieg" Tape Ep
Aryan War Metal from Northern Vinlandic Soil! Totally Raw, truly an outburst of Hate!

***Due to personal and economic problems, Ewiger Hass Productions decided to not participate in the Graveland Tribute cd. Totenkopf Propaganda will make
solely this release.

***Coming next and going to press next month:

BRANIKALD (Rus) "Triumph of The Will" Cd
HATE FOREST (Ukr) "Sorrow" Tape

*** For anyone who attending EURO FEST, there will be available for sale all Totenkopf Propaganda releases and merchandise, plus stuff from Distr. List

***Totenkopf Bunker will be closed from 15th to 29th September. During this days I'll be away and not able to check/answer any e-mail or send any parcels.


April 2005 A.y.p.s.

** Out now on Totenkopf Propaganda!

Nitberg (Rus) “Nitsanger” MCD

Four hateful skaldic curses to the degenerated mankind and its morals. Raw and harsh NS Black Metal in the vein of ISENGARD and DARKTHRONE. Previously unreleased stuff from 2000, incl. FOREST, BRANIKALD and TEMNOZOR members.

Nitberg (Rus) “Nitsanger” Official T-Shirt

White print in Black T-shirt. Front logo & Wotan with Wolf Back: logo & Poem. Sizes available: L & XL Limited Edition!

Blazebirth Hall “Blazebirth Hall Circle” Official T-Shirt

White print in Black t-shirt. Front: Blaze Birth Hall logo & emblem of the circle Back: Logos of BRANIKALD, FOREST, VARGLEIDE, NITBERG & RAVENDARK. Sizes available: L & XL

Heathenpride Issue 2 - Official Press Organ of PF Hellas Division

Including interviews with: Gestapo (Vinland), Xenophobia (Vinland), Absurd (Ger), Nacht Und Nebel (Can), Berzerkerwut (Ger), Feikn (Den) and also articles: Blazebirth Hall info, Day of The Rope, NS Black Metal. 40 b/w A4 pages.

** Totenkopf Propaganda officially distributes:

Iron Youth “Faith Is Stronger Than Fire”

New cd out now! Proud Hellenic Metalcore for the True Elite of 88!

For Wholesales/Trades etc contact:

PO BOX 50421

March 2005 A.y.p.s.

** Coven of The Worm & Command CDs are now totally sold out!!! If anyone wants a list with labels that still distribute the stuff, then just ask via e-mail. The COTW t-shirt is still available, few are left though!

** The new releases will be out in 2 to 3 weeks maximum. Except the tapes and MCD. Two t-shirts will also be available at the same time.

February 2005 A.y.p.s.

** Coming Soon Under The Banner Of Death's Head

Nitberg - “Nitsanger” MCD

Track List:

1. Nitsanger
2. Trampling Down The Meanness
3. Holocaust To The Jews And The Poisoned Ones (MP3)
4. Thrown Down Under The Sleipnir's Hooves

Absurd - “Facta Loquuntur” Tape
Nacht Und Nebel - “Totalen Krieg” Tape

** COMMAND Sturmangriff Cd & COVEN OF THE WORM 1992-1996 Cd is almost sold out, less than 20 copies left from each. So from now on trades/orders will be maded only with single copies

** TOTENKOPF PROPAGANDA in co-operation with French label EWIGER HASS will release sometime in 2005 the first official tribute Cd to the Polish Pagan Legend GRAVELAND.
List with bands/tracks, and more info on this release, soon will follow.

** The plague year of 2005 will be the one who will mark the first vinyl release of Totenkopf Propaganda, for the start it will be a 7ep.
Announcement will be yelled soon....

December 2004 A.y.p.s.

** Blazebirth Hall comp.Cd is now totally sold out from us, for anyone who is interested there are still Labels who carry it, or for more than one copy you can contact Hakenkreuz Productions (http://www.hakenkreuz88.cjb.net)

** The Next Release of Totenkopf Propaganda will be:

NITBERG (Rus) "The Wolf of Sleipnirs Hooves Holocaust" MCD & T-shirt

This will be out in the very first months of 2005.More info (track list, cover e.t.c.) will come in next updates.

November 2004 A.y.p.s.

** The Coven Of The Worm “1992-1996” CD & T-Shirt is out now! For more info see the Releases and Distro Sections.

** The South American label GATES TO VALHALLA is going to release some Totenkopf Propaganda Releases as tape versions. The first one is Command “Sturmangriff” which is already out, next are coming the tape versions of The Night And The Fog and Blazebirth Hall compilations. For more info and release dates, check: http://www.thepaganfront.com/pfsd.

October 2004 A.y.p.s.

The Blaze Birth Hall comp. CD is almost sold out from our Bunker. Less than 20 copies left. Sales/Trades still accepted but only for single copies per person.

August 2004 A.y.p.s.

*** New website online!
A mailing list has added so everyone wants to be informed on new arrivals, releases etc can join it.

*** IMPORTANT!!! Some small changes on ORDERING INFO. So before Order, don’t forget to check this section!!!!

*** TOTENKOPF PROPAGANDA has start working on the next releases, which will be:

COVEN OF THE WORM (Ger) “1992-1996” Cd & T-shirt
All 3 demos (92, 94 & 96) from the cruel history of this cult band from Teutonic Brotherhood. Bonus tracks will be included as well.

NITBERG (Rus) "The Wolf of Sleipnir's Hooves Holocaust" Mcd & T-shirt
Another horde from the Blaze birth Hall cult. To those who are not familiar who this band, they play a mix of old Dark-Throne & Isengard. Mixing Folkish epic parts with clean vocals and Nordic Black Metal in a primitive way!

There will be also some tape releases…

No release dates yet, more in next updates!


July 2004 A.y.p.s.

command "Sturmangriff" cd is out now! See the flyer below for more info.


May 2004 A.y.p.s.

After some delay, finally the new tapes releases of Totenkopf Propaganda is out now! Check the flyer below for more info e.t.c

COMMAND "Sturmangriff" cd is already to pressing factory and it will be out in the next 1-2 weeks.


FEBRUARY 2004 A.y.p.s.

AD HOMINEM “Planet Z.O.G.-The End” and WODULF “Wargus Esto” Tapes are sold out. Still all trades/orders that have arrived so far will be shipped in the next days.
A cd version of “Wargus Esto” including 2 bonus tracks will be out sometime in 2004.Label etc will be announced in next updates.

The 4th issue of WALLACHIAN TYRANT zine is out now. For more info check the “Wallachian Tyrant” section of this site.5th issue will be start preparing soon.

Upcoming releases of TOTENKOPF PROPAGANDA Productions:

ORNAMENTS OF SIN (Fra) "Inhale Zyklon-B" Tape
RAVENDARK (Rus) "In The Last Ray/Rulers Age" Tape
COMMAND (Bra) "Sturmangriff" Cd
NITBERG (Rus) "The Wolf of Sleipnir's Hooves Holocaust" Mcd/Tape/T-shirt
BRANIKALD (Rus) "Triumph of the Will" Cd/Tape
BRANIKALD (Rus) "Varg Fjerne A Tornet" Tape
HELVETTE(Schweiz) "Might is Right" Tape (Re-edtion)

And more will come…

January 2004 A.y.p.s.


New compilation featuring rare and unreleased tracks from Russia's elite of National Socialist Black Metal. 16 page full-color booklet with information/lyrics from each band as well as rare photos. Over 70 minutes of pure Pagan hatred from the cold lands of Russia.


The Will of the Great Old Gods Filled the Universe, enriching the Time with an ability to grow the Greater Harvest. The Harvest of the springs which were grown within the power of the
ancient Wisdom. These springs have murdered the desolation of Life, and through the wounds the bloody river came forth, unveiled became the destined Fates of Creators, the ones who were gifted
with the Celestial Power and have inherited the Throne from the Gods of Yore. The River sprang forth all across the land with the streaming might, it brought the Flame of the Greater Deeds to all the corners of the Universe, where the New Man was born in Pain. The Flame was given to those who were able to drink the winds of the tragedies and triumph at the rage of the fresher blood storms.

They've raised the BLAZEBIRTH HALL - the Pure Spiritual Form, where the Sacred Flame of Life burns bright among the Thundering Roar of the Fate. As a Herald to the Will of the Gods, as
a reflection of the Celestial Asgard all across the earthly landscapes... With the Primal Might of the Nature, Uprising against the degradation of Life, the Thunderbolts strike, brightening the tarnished world and forcedly changing everything at sight - either to soar towards the Greater Glory or to fall into the abyss of the absolute ruin.

Drunk with the Power of Solar Action and the Wisdom of the Nightly Moon, Life must regain it's tarnished Sense
finally. To embrace with the incredible Might the Firmness of the Thousand Shields. The Fiery Movement in the Stream of the Strife with the Undying Will to Life will tear the World's evolution from it's rotting state. The World Tree would be fed with the new Stream of Supreme Motivation, the Stream of Heroic Fates and Heroic Deeds. The Stream, which embody the Halls of the Gods with it's light, materializing into the Glare of Asgard...

BlazeBirth Hall formations are the oldest radical NSBM hordes in whole Russia. They've started their activity since 1994 and continue the struggle till the present moment as the embodiment as the Past Glory of the Russian BM and it's yet brighter Future...


1.Nitberg - Asgard Flames
2.Rundagor - Journey in Return
3.Branikald - Av Vinterkald
4.Nitberg - The Triumph of W.O.T.A.N.
5.Branikald - Horrid Storms
6.Ravendark - In the Opening of SIEG
7.Forest - In the Middle of Death, In the Face of Life
8.Branikald - Raven Fierce
9.Rundagor - Inhaling the Murder
10.Ravendark - Eternal Freezing Moon
11.Branikald - The Steel Strings of the Spirit

November 2003 A.y.p.s.

Finally the debut full-length attack "Sturmangriff" by the cult NS Black Metal horde Command has completed. See the full track list of the cd below and also you can download in mp3 format 2 new tracks as well.
Release date is early 2004.

1) Intro/Ein Krieg .Ein Sieg!
1) Der Angriff
2) .. And The Earth Will Tremble Again
3) Das March Zu Kampf (New Version)
4) A Call Of Blood Mp3
5) Leben Und Sterben
6) Das SonnenReich Mp3
7) The Gates Of Heaven (Absurd cover)

"Sturmangriff" cd will also include as bonus a remixed 2003
version of "KulturKampf" Demo 1998:

1) Intro
2) Stromfront Fighters
3) Das March Zu Kampf
4) Southern National Socialist
5) When The Iron Eagles Flies Again
6) Kulturkampf Kommando
7) Outro

Total Playtime 47:26

The BLAZEBIRTH HALL comp.cd will be out in the end of November/early December. Complete info of this will be posted when cd will be officially released. Also TOTENKOPF PROPAGANDA will unleash in future some stuff from
some famous and active bands of BLAZEBIRTH HALL CIRCLE. More information will be announced in the time being. Prepare for Harsh and Epic NS Black Metal from the cold Russ land!

THE NIGHT AND THE FOG part2 Comp.cd is sold out and it not going to be repressed. Still many Distributions carry it, anyone who interested, can send us a e-mail to got the instructions from where it can got it.

September 2003 a.y.p.s.



August 2003 a.y.p.s.

Finally the new design of TOTENKOPF PROPAGANDA website is online. This time I have decided to add more sections and more info about TP releases e.t.c.

WALLACHIAN TYRANT section is about my zine. Which is only on paper and there will never be online version of it. 4th issue coming soon. So if you are interested keep checking the section for more info. Bands/Labels don’t send free stuff for review or interview. I contact the bands first.


The Brazilian National Socialist horde COMMAND is now working on their debut album that will be called “Sturmangriff” and it will include 35 min. of totally new tracks. TP will going to release that on cd form and including their cult demo “KulturKampf” as a bonus. Some new titles is “A Call Of Blood” “Leben und Sterben “ “And The Earth Will Tremble Again” “Das SonnenReich” etc also a violent cover of ABSURD`s “Gates of Heaven” classic song.
The tape version of “Sturmangriff” will be maded by the Canadian label WARHORN Rec
No release date yet.
The official COMMAND website is www.sonnenwacht.cjb.net


In autumn of 2003, TOTENKOPF PROPAGANDA will release in co-operation with our comrades from the Vinlandic label HAKENKREUZ Prod. Another comp.cd called “Blaze Birth Hall –The Elite of Russian NS Black Metal” including unreleased tracks from the elite of Russian underground bands like BRANIKALD, FOREST, WOODS OF FALLEN, NITBERG, RAVENDARK and VARGLODR. Face the fury of the Russ!

Two new tape releases are coming in next weeks. More info soon…