DER STÜRMER will finally join forces with the old-time comrades XENOPHOBIA in a split 7" EP that will be a real fist in the face of this degenerated scene and every liberal scum. Both bands will deliver provocative material glorifying Bigotry, Hatred and Intolerance. DER STÜRMER will enter the studio in November to record a new song called "Piles of pigheads in the Synagogue" and a cover of the classic War Anthem "Eastern Front" of the Hellenic legends FLAMES. Crush politically Correctness under the banner of BREATH OF PESTILENCE and FREE BRIAN MOUDRY!!







***Now Available!!!


*** Latest News:

Commando Wolf is not anymore a member of the band. Der Stürmer will continue as a two-piece band: Hjarulv Henker (guitars, bass) - Jarl von Hagall (vocals) and a volunteer warmonger will handle the bass for live assaults. The next album will be called "Resurgence!" and we will start working on it during 2015. Some titles: The Poetry of Sacrifice, Ancestor Death Worship, Hate Prayer, Ruins of the Apocalypse... Der Kampf geht weiter!




O D E R I N T  D U M  M E T U A N T

***Der Stürmer agreed with the newborn Portuguese label LANCEA Productions
for the re-release of our debut "The Blood Calls for W.A.R.!" on LP and CD.
Expect this on early March 2014

*** The first press (500 copies each) of the Der Stürmer EP and Split EP is now sold out!
BREATH OF PESTILENCE is going to do soon one more and final press of 300 copies of each EP.
Also a related Sweatshirt is going to be released in the next weeks.

For more info:



***The EPs are out now!!!

For more info check this page:

Sample here :

For orders, wholesales e.t.c. contact directly BREATH OF PESTILENCE

E-mail: bop (at) OR breath_of_pestilence (at)

***Three new patches are out now!!!

See images here :

Available through KVLT RECORD STORE




DER STÜRMER Merchandise 2013 a.y.p.s.

***Three new T-shirts now available from APOSTLE OF DEATH RECORDS
For more info and images click HERE

***Official T-shirt for South America will be available in 25th of May from PAGAN WAR DISTRO
For more info and images click HERE

The same design will be also available in Europe as zip-hood by BREATH OF PESTILENCE
See image HERE

Pre-orders starts from 24th of April. More info at :

***Exclusive T-shirt available at the English gig
See image HERE

Four new patches will be available in May 2013 a.y.p.s.
More info and images in the next weeks!


ELITISM & ARROGANCE - This is our 15th Year!

Planned for 2013 a.y.p.s.

***Der Stürmer are currently working on new tracks which will be released in format of two EPs. One Full and a Split.
Expect nothing less but Hellenic NS Black Metal Steelstorms!

*** After many years, the long out-of-print first full-length album "The Blood Calls For W.A.R.!" will be released as CD & LP in unlimited numbers.

*** New designs of Merchandise (Patches, T-shirts and Sweatshirts) will also be released from various labels.

More info and announcements later this year...

Sometimes the difference between Prostitution and Promotion is not a matter of a few letters.
Der Stürmer NEVER HAD and NEVER PLAN TO HAVE Myspace/Facebook/Last fm etc. sites. Therefore, whatever you see are pages made by rats with images stolen from this website.
If you are a true supporter of Der Stürmer WE ENCOURAGE YOU to openly boycott these pages and spread this around to anyone who might be intrested. This page is the ONLY official medium.
Der Stürmer doesn`t seek acceptance or justification by the flock of subhumans that infest the social networks, so go fuck yourself with your "likes", because the only thing we care about is how you`ll end up to the gallows!






-Regular and Digipack CD versions through TOTENKOPF PROPAGANDA

DER STÜRMER merch available in October:

-SSP currently has at the press the Tape version of "Transcendental Racial Idealism" as well as album-related t-shirt, sweatshirt, hooded sweatshirt and patch. Subscribe in their mailing list to get the latest info, images, release dates etc.

-Christhunt Productions from Germany will print yet another t-shirt design. Black print on brown t-shirts.




Live lp with amazing soundboard recording from one of the most threatening and devastating bands in existence. Captured during their mini tour with ABSURD, SATANIC WARMASTER and GOATMOON in Tampere, Finland 2008. Over 2 years in the making, this release of Aryan hatred is presented as a knife to the throat of the current spineless, materialistic and pathetic "extreme metal" "scene".

12 tracks including an intro created for this release, performances of tracks spanning the band's entire existence and a punishing cover of BOUND FOR GLORY's "Commando".

Lp only. 500 copies. Jacket, double sided poster with show propaganda reproduction on one side and live shot from the show on the other, printed dust jacket collage made from news articles and photos covering the show and an interview from 2005 that was to be featured in the unreleased 4th issue of SATANIC SKINHEAD.

$25 p/p in the US/CAN
$35 p/p everywhere else
No more than one copy to a person. Wholesale available. Write to satanicskinhead666(at)yahoo(dot)com for inquiries/pricing.


For all of you who the last years constantly asked for Der Sturmer merchandise, here is your chance!

Available soon from SSP:

DER STÜRMER "Bloodsworn" Official T-shirts
Design for the Aryan Terrormachine commemorating their 10 year anniversary release. Anti-semitic fundamentalism. Loyalty unto death. BLOODSWORN FOREVER. White ink on BLACK and/or MILITARY GREEN shirts. Please specify colour of choice.

US - $20 p/p
Canada - $22 p/p
Everywhere else - $25 p/p

Keep checking the Official Label website for release date:

DER STÜRMER "Bellvm Contra Omnes" T-shirt

HOLLEHAMMER Productions released lately a limited number of official Der Sturmer t-shirts for South American fanatics.

Coming Soon through Death's Abyss Productions

DER STÜRMER "Bloodsworn" official Sweatshirts and Hooded sweatshirts


DIE TODESRUNE REX will re-press soon the Der Sturmer t-shirt that originally released back in 2006 (enhanced print this time).

*** Recently the Finnish label BREATH OF PESTILENCE released the Official Tape versions of the following Der Sturmer releases:

"Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum" Split with TOTENBURG
"Polish-Hellenic Alliance Against Z.O.G.!" Split with CAPRICORNUS
"A Banner Greater Than Death" 2nd full-length

All versions comes in high-quality factory made tapes and pro-covers.

You can purchase them from here :

*** Carelian Pagan Madness! A release with selected tracks taken from the Der Sturmer gig in Tampere, Finland in 2008. SSP is going to release this only in LP format and limited to 500 copies. Release date is pending. The track list is the following:

I. Intro
II. Those Who Lived and Died Like Heroes
III. Siegtruppen
IV. Age of Barbarism
V. Adolf Der Grosse
VI. Fur Den Kommenden Man
VII. When Totenkopf Rises
VIII. Dawning Israel`s Perdition
IX. Guards of The Solar Order
X. Commando (Bound for Glory cover)
XI. Mors Triumphalis
XII. Sons of Thunder




DER STÜRMER"Bloodsworn" (The First Decade) Compilation Album Out now!!!
The 10th year Anniversary Compilation including all the vinyl (EP 2002 & Split EPs), rare compilation & bonus LP tracks. Comes with thick 24-page booklet including all covers and full lyrics. Total 14 tracks, over 49 min. of Hellenic Heathen/NS Black Metal!

Available as Normal jewelcase CD, Digipack and Double LP.

Double LP version comes in 180 gr. vinyls , 29 x 29 cm booklet and a 48 x 60 cm Poster

Available from :

For jewelcase CD version

Totenkopf Propaganda Productions

For Digipack CD & Double LP versions

Deathsquad Rex


- New DER STÜRMER T-shirt

2 sided design, white print on black t-shirt. Sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL

Available from :



- Still available from NEBELKLANG

DER STÜRMER "Hellenic Werwolf Kommando" ZIP HOODS

Sizes from M to XL.


The Black Heretic Sun of Flanders shone upon!
DER STÜRMER would like to HAIL everyone who attended and supported the gig last Saturday in Flanders.
Special thanx also goes to the organizers of this memorable gig and for setting the example of what’s real Dedication, Passion and Idealism!
RESPECT and HONOUR goes also to the comrades who honoured us by sharing the same stage: The Knights of ABSURD & Crew, The Medieval Pestkult of HULDREFOLK (Your help on the equipment is highly appreciated!) and ECCE MORS.
A loud FUCK OFF goes to this scourge named Media/Journalists, you failed once again, you cunts!
The Struggle goes on...

Northern Frontlines....

The Carelian Pagan Madness Mini Tour is now over with absolute success. It was 2 dates of Rage and Fury!
Thanx to:
Absurd, Satanic Warmaster & Goatmoon for the honour to share the stage with us! To all the Finnish people and all the comrades who traveled from Russia, Sweden, Portugal, Ireland, Germany, France, Romania e.t.c. to support those events.And finally a Right Hand Salute to the comrades from Furore Finnum for their excellent organization, dedication and tremendous support and for raising their middle finger to the antifa cunts and spiting to the media lies.
See you all soon in new Frontlines!

Bloodsworn Forever , Loyalty unto Death!

2008 marks the 10th Year of Der Sturmer`s existence. Thus, a compilation CD/LP album titled "Bloodsworn"(The First Decade) including all the tracks from the Split 7"EPs, "Iron Will and Discpline" 7"EP and all the rare tracks from all the compilations that Der Sturmer participated through the years. The Compilaton will come with huge booklet including all the covers and lyrics. Labels that will take care of this anniversary album will be Totenkopf Propaganda Productions and Deathsquad Rex

NEBELKLANG from Germany will release later this year the Pic.LP version of the DER STÜRMER/TOTENBURG split album as well an unlimited number of new Der Sturmer ZIP Hoods.

Other News:

The Finnish label BREATH OF PESTILENCE will make in the next months the Official Tape versions of Der Sturmer/Totenburg Split, Capricornus/Der Sturmer Split and "A Banner Great Than Death" album.

-Info about Der Sturmer concerts so far added in "Media" section.


"Those Who Want To Create...Must Have The Will To Destroy" 3way Split 7"EP

Track List:

DER STÜRMER - Those Who Spoke With Death
EVIL - In The Mountain of Madness
NACHT UND NEBEL - The Final Solution


bop (at)

DER STÜRMER/ TOTENBURG "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" Split CD/LP

With total scorn against the current of modern decline and in Defence of Ancient Europe, illuminated by the Apollonian rays of Awakening and Rebirth, the Germano-Hellenic Revengful Knighthood of DER STÜRMER and TOTENBURG have launched a Relentless Onslaught straight to the heart of the enemy. With five new tracks from the side of DER STURMER and two long (11 min each) from the side of TOTENBURG, this is a Furious Invocation to Our Wargods and a Praise to the Ways of Old...

Digipack Cd, Normal jewel case CD and Gatefold LP available from DEATHSQUAD REX

MP3s: Der Sturmer, Totenburg

DER STÜRMER Official Patches

3 new Patches are available now.

White strings on the black hard clothing.
Height - 100 mm. Width - 80 mm.

Silver strings on the black hard clothing.
There are two variations:
- Large (the patch for a back of jacket)
Height - 100 mm. Width - 285 mm.
- Small
Height - 40 mm. Width - 100 mm.