Interview for NECHRIST E-ZINE answered by C.Wolf ( 2006)

1. Heils, Hellas! Doesn't it seems to you strange that Hellenic band like your one is releasing music under the German name? Could you describe our readers the origin of your band name, pls?
No , its not strange. When someone got in his hands any of our releases , he will clearly see why we usethis name.Anyway , we took this name as we wanted to pay tribute to most Radical anti-semitic newspaper of the 3rd Reich.The life & death of the editor of this newspaper also is something that had and will always have huge influence on us.A Right Hand Salute to Julius Streicher!
2. How could you shortly describe your music for our readers who are unfamilar with your musical creativity? And where do you draw your main musical influences from by the way?
BRUTAL NS METAL! Our musical influences varied from early 90`s Black Metal to British R.A.C. and Hatecore.
Though , when we started we were influnced by bands like Capricornus , Spear of Longinus , Schwarze Sonne , Morke and few more.Nowadays , we had grow
to something more original and more violent than ever!
3. Do you take an interest in extreme and brutal metal music: hardcore, grindcore, deathmetal, black metal? If you dislike anystyles listed above - then please comment, why?
Yes , i`m into many music styles. Mostly into Black Metal , but also to Classical Music , R.A.C., Ambient/noise(93-96 era) and few (Very Old) Death Metal.
4. Speaking about you all comrades separately...Is DER STURMER the first musical experience/music project or you have been played into other bands in past?
Before DS i was involved in an Occult ambient band called WINTERGODS(That did a demo 94 & Split Cd 97) and the other 2 guys
in LAMENTATION/NACHTKAISER(who had release 3 demos from 1994 to 1997)
5. As far as I know DER STURMER is not black metal band actually; i found it like a mixture of several music styles: RAC and metal in general. But many people are marked your band as NSBM. Does it seems strange for you or DER STURMER just doesn't care about such things?
We dont care really , nor we apologize to anyone what we are or not. NSBM or Brutal NS Metal can be good good classifications of our Music.
6. Being familar with the fact that DER STURMER shares NS weltanschauung it gets clear that it is almost impossible for your band to not to meet 'pressure' and protest from Hellenic (and not only) authorities/Government/etc. How you all manage with it?
Iron Will is the key! Though , we have not got any special kind of pressure from the State here as NS is not ilegal in Hellas yet. I know that we are really hated in certain circles , but who really cares? Let them come us! From abroad we have got several bans from factories and also our names appeared quite oftenly in press and leftist media.Thats a sign for us that our propaganda works directly in the right way and we can promise to the liberal worms that we will continue give them shivers everytime a release of ours is out.
7. Not so long ago I have read that Hellenic GOLDEN DAWN organisation has stopped its activity. Can you comment this event? Does someone from your band have ever been involved into it? And what are the plans on future here if there are any?
I think the "closing" of Golden Dawn was a quite expected event that will had to take place sooner or later.So most of our people was prepared more or less for it.We knew that we had "cross the red line" since the very early of 90`s , lately the plans of the right wing goveremnt for us was known in some circles of friends and supporters outside the ranks of the movement. But when GD anounced its "closing" dont take it that all activity here will stop , be sure that some people(and i dont mean our people) have start really worry and even wishing things was like before.
Coming to our involvement in GD , yes we taking part in all the activity of the movement(be it from ideological side to the street political action) since
a decade now.
8. Seems that DER STURMER has the numerous amount of the split albums. What is the main reason of that? Is it in some way connected with the idea that NS bands have to support their 'ideological brothers' on the music scene? Thanks for answer.
Honestly we had never thought or planned those splits. Just they happen since with the bands that we share a release are very close comrades and allies to the cause.Ofcourse promoting unity in all levels between Aryan nations is a very important part in our agenda since we all know where brother wars have lead our Race today.
9. In 2004 DER STURMER participated in ATHENIAN PAGAN MADNESS festival, featuring cult German band ABSURD which has been almost the first 'pioneers' in NS extreme music as far as I know. What this band means for you? And have you been satisfied with the gig by the way? What was the reaction of the audience there?
I really liked this gig and the performances of ABSURD & TOTENBURG was really good. Also i`m very satisfied from our first appearance in stage and the sound was perfect.Reaction of the crowd was really positive. Besides this, some things had to be organized better.Promotion of the gig was not good thanx to an asshole we trusted and the result was only 80 ppl attend to this gig (Imagine that Hypocrisy who was playing the same date and hour with us had that time less than 200 people). Afterwards i spoke with many people which support all 3 bands of this event a lot which never heard about this gig. Anyway , next time things will be far better definately.
Let's go to the more complicated questions. 10. There are tons of bands which play 'pagan' music (pagan metal, pagan black metal, viking metal, the list go on), but very few of them claims about their NS views officialy. For example, many so-called 'viking' and/or 'pagan' metal bands from Finland such as MOONSORROW etc are strongly against the NS views. What do you think about such paradoxical occurences? Doesn't it seems stupid that they share pagan beliefs, but don't accept the NS weltanschauung? What would you say on the following qoute from MOONSORROW:
'We are national romantic heathen souls, and there is no room for national socialism in our hearts. People always seem to forget (or not to know) that it was nazis who draw those parallels and that real paganism has never had anything to do with such bullshit. It is a shame upon all heathen brothers and sisters that nazis once adopted and shaped pagan ideology for their own purposes' ?

I dont have problem if a band have only Heathen concept in their lyrics and dont reveal their NS ideas(though its easy for someone to notice it i think). We must keep in mind that many bands can`t say openly their views as they will or have already faced problems with Police in their countries. I completely understood this and i totally respect their decision. About Moonsorrow , apart from their stupid comments and apologizes , its enough only if you`ll hear their gay music which is totally without any Spirit and inspiration.Its obvious that they just make comments so to have a nice career as a commercial band in the Judeo-Capitalist music business.Those Hippies so called "Pagans" are a part(conciously or not) of the (Z.O.G.)System.This System try really hard to turn the real Heathen Warspirit into a pacifist caricature without purpose or goals. Just clubs of bored decadent teenagers which meet at weekends and discuss about "Peace & Love" and doing their drugs.Real Heathens and Spirit of Heathenism is Anti-conformist and must be totally against this system , a true enemy of current Status Quo which was builded on ideas of Judeo-christianity and morals from the East.National Socialism and Heathenism are one and the same in its basis as the values of both came out from the one and the only soul , of the Aryan European Man!
11. It is well-known fact that NS Germany interested in occult and esoteric knowledges. Therefore the next quesion is about your position here. Have someone of you had any spiritual esoteric/occult experience? Do you notice the importance of these knowledges or don't care about it?
I`m certainly intrested in those topics and the Mystical side of NS Cosmotheory/Biotheory. As you already know Political side of NS is only a small % compared to what National Socialism really is.I study and seek the Esoteric and also Travel as much as i can around Hellas & Europe in places that have played an very important role in the developement of the Aryal Soul and our Ancestral touch with Ancient gods and Powers, and where the traces of European Shadowsoul & Solar wisdom still lay untill nowadays.Very important help for me to connect and understood such things and evolve my worldview was Writers like Savitri Devi , and recently according to her "Pilgrimage" i followed the path she had mark and visited the "Rocks of the Sun"/Extersteine in Germany.I walked the path she had walked decades ago.Truly memmorable moments!Esoteric Mysticism and Blood worship is a must (Though such things comes Naturally and not because someone else adviced you them) for every concious White man so to gather his own powers , connect with the past , understood the present and transform the Wisdom into action for Building the future.
12. How White Aryans can be assured that they had only White/Aryan ancestors in many hundreds of the years in the past and that there were NO non-Aryan admixtures in their blood at all? How they can find out that? Do you have any ideas on that subject? Or the color of skin is the enough argument?
I think Skin-colour and shape is enough for someone to understand if its a half-breed or whatever.System of today with their
totally controled by them "Scientists" try to convince us that "Races doesn`t exist , only one Race , the Human one" , something which is totally unatural as this egalitarian plan will serve their purpose to turn the world into a Melting Pot , a Race or Folk which doesn`t have the sense of its existanse , its past and its Duty for the future are easily to controled and sooner or later will dissapear from the Face of this Planet.
Thats the Law of Nature and there is no exceptions! Our Race today is the No1 enemy of Judeocracy that Rules this planet. If we dont awake and take our destiny into our own hands then the enemy will give us the final strike. The enemy did not say "i`ll exterminate the Greeks and help the Germans" or vice verca , the Enemy doesn`t seeNations , he only recognize Races, and at the moment the eye of the enemy have fall in one race , The White(Aryan) Race! Although , many of us must realize that no matter of Skin colour, to be someone White doesn`t make him automatically an Allie or comrade.It needs much more than this. There is plenty of White scum around today which with their way or life or actions serve the purposes of the Enemy.Judaism is not anymore a privilege for "Jews only" , its a religion that masses (including White ones as well) have bow since decades now.But Beware!Thats the day of the Rope is for , when their corpses will hang in each corner with a big placard "Traitor" then we will be able to speak again.
13. As it is written on your official website that your 'strife as a band is IDEOLOGICAL and NOT MUSICAL'. Therefore the next question is about your activity. Do you participate in any non-musical NS actions, appearances, or does your band spread the printed propaganda texts?
Yes ofcourse! There is no sense in making only musical action without stand/promote/spread action in everyday life.
Actuallly , our non musical action is far more bigger than our musical one.Mainly within the ranks of the Hellenic NS movement.
14. Is there a kind of reviving the heathenish way of life in Greece? In many areas people tend to discover their roots to get a way of life beyond that superficial and American way that most people lead nowadays. What is your opinion on this movement anyway? Can heathenism/paganism offer anything to the civilized human in the 21st century?
In Hellas there is a good wave of intrest from common people for our Ancient culture. But there is not any serious movement which can revive succesfully
the old Heathen way of life, most of them are infected by Marxists/Liberals and similar scum and sponsored by the state.Most of "normal" people grow tired of the Materialism and everyday hunt for financial gain and want to turn into something more Spiritual , and whats more perfect than study the Ancient Hellenic philosophy and History? Here is the trap that System have put on them called "Hellenic Pagan Organizations",by creating and promoting those groups (which are totally harmless ofcourse) they guide everyone in places and "ideological" conclusions they like so turning them away from what can one day harm them.I`m pretty sure that they act the same in other countries as well.Coming to your question , yes i believe that a True Heathen Movement , if its well-builded and run by the propers persons can offer many things.I know some examples around Europe who do a really fine work and have gather around a good circle of Determinated people.
15. Tell us about your plans on the near future. What we all can expect from DER STURMER in this year?
Our 2nd album "A BANNER GREATER THAN DEATH" will be out within next weeks in CD & LP format via DIE TODESRUNE REX (
and also a couple of splits for this year.Also hopefully some gigs in Hellas and in Europe if all goes fine.
16. Thanks for your time and patience. Any message you want to direct to our readers? Varnie.
Thanx for the interview and support! 88 forever!

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