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Interview for LEGEONES Zine (Chi) answered by Hjarulv Henker (2006)


Albanese: You’re defenders of the “Ancestral Laws Of Blood” idea, but Modern World is currently ruled by pseudodemocratic-system. I think that a Monarchy based on Legacy on Blood is natural but is not so fair as it can be, instead a Aristocratic Monarchy is a fair system of government, and a effective system too. What do you think about Plato’s ideas (based in his book “The Republic”)?
Definitely Plato’s concept of how a State should be formed and ruled is perfect: a state where everyone undertakes a profession that he’s capable of. He speaks about a State where the citizens are naturaly divided into Castes / Classes, since no one is equal in strength or Will, each must follow a different way of teaching and training. If you take a look at how the Soldier Caste should be formed and trained, then you’ll notice plenty of similarities with those of the Hitler Jugend and the SS: mate selection in order to ensure the Eugenics of the future generations, loyalty towards the Fatherland, intense training, etc. We can clearly see that the Legacy of Blood played an important role to Plato’s ideal state. Not to forget the despise of wealth (similar to the Laws of the legendary Lakedaimonian legislator Lykourgos), thus men remained focused on the expansion and well-being of their Fatherland and Race instead of their personal interests, something that proved to be desastrous for the Aryan Race. Plato condemns democracy as one of the final steps towards the collapse of a state. We can also see the need to enlighten those around us in order to free them from the bonds of ignorance – for the present day, these bonds are those of liberalism, pacifism, internationalism, etc. Everyone can see that the ideal State according to Plato was much alike the Third Reich. Unfortunately Plato’s words fall in deaf ears, the masses ignore the signs of decay and corruption because it suits them to do so. Ideals like the Legacy of Blood, the preservance of Racial Purity and the importance of War, mean nothing to them, as long as they keep their purses and stomachs full, sinking further to the mud of pacifism and luxury. But nothing is eternal: just like the decadent empires of the past, the present semitic empire of gold and funds will collapse, draging down all these indifferent parasites who ignored the Voice of Blood. And we will be there, still standing with an Iron Fist to create a new Aryan Imperium up from the ashes of modernity…
Albanese: “The state of racist-conception will have, at the first place, the obligation of take out the matrimony of the perpetual degradation level, and consecrate it as the institution destined to create beings to Lord image and not monsters, half man and half ape.” As Adolf Hitler says in his book Mein Kampf, cross-breeding is the end of diversity of human species, and thereby the end of human species itself. How it could practice such precept in a democratic-society (in tune with “individual liberties”) wherein it give emphasis to ideas as “free-love” and “liberalism” instead of biological development of an entire people?
It is impossible for such a precept to see practice in a democratic society. If a government would impose laws protecting the Blood and the Racial stock, similar to the Nuremberg Racial Laws or the Caste system of the Ancients, then you’d have every decadent liberal scum on the streets screaming and rioting hystericaly about how equal humans are, how human rights are violated, etc… Not to forget the international (jewish) supression and boycott (see what happened with Haider in Austria some years ago, even though he was not NS, the hint of a Nationalist spirit made the media hysterical). The only way to secure the Racial stock is to overthrow democracy and ban organizations and subcultures who propagate “free-love” and “equality” among the already effeminate white youth. The modern white man has fallen in a state of decay that it is very difficult to make him aware of the dangers of miscegenation. For them it is normal to mate with subhumans. They won’t hesitate to stand up for the human rights of the “poor immigrant and the oppressed coloured people” or to applause the “rich cultural contributions” of some deranged gay “artist”. So in order the Aryan Race to survive from extinction, all these defective human elements must be removed from our midst, in the same manner that cancer is treated: exterminate the infected cells. Only then we’ll see the rise of the Aryan Homodeus, the Conqueror of the Universe. The present man has reached the utmost state of decay, he must make way for the Aryan Overman…
Albanese: Although metal music is normally defined like anti-politic, the strife of Der Stürmer is ideological and not musical. Having in view this fact, Do you consider to Der Stürmer like a metal band or like a strongly propagandistic proposal to make proselytism inside Metal Movement? Do you defend the label national socialist “black” metal? Why?
We are a propaganda machine. We see true Blackmetal as a means to spread propaganda and not as entertainment for teenagers. We will make Blackmetal a dangerous weapon against the modern decadence and a proselytistic machine to gather those who are able and willing to stand against the modern waves of degradation under our Flag. If you’ll take a look in the past 15 years, when Blackmetal was reborn as a weapon against judeo-christianity and not as just another subculture of the metal genre, you’ll see that serious bands as Burzum, Graveland or Absurd, were highly motivated by Racism, Blood and Heritage. This is the True face of Blackmetal. This is the Flame of Vengeance against every decayed value of liberalism. Whore-bands like mayhem, gorgoroth, dimmu borgir, behemoth, etc., have nothing to do with Blackmetal, they are simply “extreme rockers”, harmless entertainers with an extreme outlook, a safe way for kids to feel “special” and shock their moms and their friends in the classroom and make the corporal labels richer. Many opportunists tried to jump on the NSBM scene but when they faced the agents of ZOG in open battle they saw that it was deadly serious and not something that they could have fun with and dissappeared or turned into the usual “we-hate-all-humans-equally” trend because they know that no one is going to hurt them that way. Then they started to slag us because this is normal for a pathetic coward scum to turn against those who raise the stakes too high for scum. It is not easy to direct your Hate towards a specific target: anti-semitism, anti-modernity, anti-liberalism, because you will be under constant fire. Yes, we support the label NSBM, the true Blackmetal Cause: the crushing Fist against every liberal trend and subculture of modernity.
Albanese: “The Nationalsocialist worker must know that prosperity of national economy means his own material progress”. In a world ruled by capitalist ‘n socialist-marxist economic systems, it exalt economic power traduced as MATERIALISM instead of characteristic human ‘n spirit values. Currently, Hellas is part of NATO (USA hegemony) There is some kind of “Spiritual Erwachen” in the hellenic culture, maybe as a form to confront materialist and liberal anti-values?
No, there’s not a “Spiritual Erwachen” in Hellas, at least on a wide-spread level. Although a lot of normal people actually hate usa and nato, everybody here cares only how they’ll purchase the latest models of cell-phones or how they’ll get the latest car model to impress the local brainless girlfriends; their lives are directed by eating, fucking and posing. The medias are constantly brainwashing them with modern “values”. Ancient philosophers are COMPLETELY unknown to them, Aryan heroes and civilization are ignored (most of the modern “Hellenes” haven’t even visited the Acropolis or cannot recite the main battles of the Persian Wars, and this is a fact!)… I even see people who are supposed to “support” our Weltanschauung fallen deep into the materialistic mire, and the worst, they have plenty of excusses about that! I think that the Spiritual Awakening should take place in each of us individualy. I don’t expect from the lowly mass-man to study the writings of Von List or Devi or to understand the significance of Adolf Hitler. They are not supposed to, it is unnatural for everyone to be a Leader. Only a few are able to do that, and those few are those who will become the elect to influence and guide the masses according to these teachings. See for example the NS Germany: how many of the ordinary Germans were aware of the Eddas or about H.S. Champerlain’s writings? The leadership of the NS regime (Thule Gesellschaft) were those aware of this Ancient knowledge and they governed Germany according to this. The masses will follow the Leader, thus the Leader must be the one enlightened in the Aryan knowledge and to spread it further. Nowadays, the so-called “leaders” of our nations are nothing but followers of the jewish dogmas, obedient dogs to their semitic masters, and their people – even worse – are nothing but obedient followers of these dogs’ words and declerations, forming a vicious circle that benefits only the jewish plans and interests. We will crash this chain, and when we grasp the reins, then the people will be lead to this Spiritual Awakening…
Albanese: Richard Wagner, together with others german authors, had started a kind of Aryan Renaissance (before the fight with Nietzsche). Wagner had proposed a different kind of Christianity: a Aryan Christianity, a Lucipheric one, that mixes characters as Jesus, Parsifal, Galahad. What that vision you’ve about Aryan Christianity and Judeochristianity?
I don’t think that a dogma like christianity has a place in Aryandom. There is no way to make christianity fit into the Weltanschauung of the Aryan Overman. Christianity teaches humbleness, the loss of National and Racial identity, and equality, things alien to our cosmotheory. You cannot combine jesus with characters who represent Aryan ethics. The term “Aryan Christianity” is oxymoron, it is like trying to mix marxism with NS. The outcome will be something completely alien and it will prove dangerous in the future. One is either Aryan or christian. On the other hand, why should one blend christianity with Aryan ethos and ideals instead of reawakening the Ancient Archetypes in their original, pure form? Christianity is christianity and it is jewish by its very birth and conception, a vehicle in the jewish world domination and designed as such. In my opinion, what Wagner had in mind was the creation of a creed that would replace christianity and at the same time reawake the ancient ethics, leading to an Aryan Renaissance. Since Europe during his time was deeply christian, he conceived this mix as the best alternative for the European people in order to be taught about the Aryan esoteric values, and with the process of time they would understand the fallacies of christianity, rejecting it completely: a disguised indoctrination about the strengthening of the Hyperborean Blood. Miguel Serano also supported this idea of esoteric “kristianity”, opposed to the christianity of Rome (which he calls lunar), a “kristianity” that would awake the Hyperborean blood within the Western man. But in my opinion we must turn to the Ancient Archetypes in their pure form and not “disguise” them in christian terms. Awake the Archetypes!
Albanese: “We don’t need the God of Rome, ‘cause we’ve our own god. We don’t need the commandments of Moshe, we carry the legacy of our ancestors in our hearts. Is Moshe the imperfect ‘n impure one. We, western people of nordic blood, call to us “kathaarians” in the same way that eastern people of nordic blood call to them “parsis”, the pure ones”.- Otto Rahn. What do you think ‘bout kathaarian heresy and its Duality concept? Do you share with Rahn the concept of Kathaarianism?
Since Otto Rahn was deeply anti-christian, I think that the reason he studied the Cathar dogmas was in order to further his researches concerning the Graal. According to Rahn, the Graal had nothing to do with the supposed grail in which christ’s blood was collected after his crucifixion, but it was an ancient Runik book containing Aryan Wisdom. I don’t agree with the whole sphere of the Cathars’ dogmas, as they are a collection of eastern mysticism (including judaism and christianity) and it was much alike to the Manichaean and Gnostic sects. Being totally anti-materialist in a level that even consuming flesh and mating was “evil” and “impure” meets the same ends with being totally materialist, leading thus again to something unnatural for the Aryan way of life. The positive aspects of the disavow of materialism is that it would bring great change in the flow of the modern cesspool. We could adapt some of their teachings and discipline according to our Weltanschauung, something that in my opinion Rahn did as well. Another good source of inspiration would be the crusader sects. All in all, dualism is an oriental devise, its origins stem from Zoroastrianism and the semitic religions. I guess Rahn used the term Kathariaan to express something completely different from what the Cathari sect meant, something that defined both the Catharsis of Blood and Soul.
Albanese: “Menschheit, All-Kirche und das von den Blutzusammenhängen gelöste, selbstherrliche Ich sind uns keine absoluten Werte mehr, sondern verzweifelte, ja zum Teil ganz brüchig gewordene Satzungen einer polaritätslosen Naturvergewaltigung zugunsten von Abstraktionen.” How do you traduce this abstract of Rasse und Rassenseele (from the book “Der Mythus des XX Jahrhunderts” of Alfred Rosenberg)?
Alfred Rosenberg was right when he identified the “values” of humanity, church and egoism devoid of the important concept of Race as the sources of the modern decadence, therefore a seperation of the NS movement from such “ideals” was eminent. Every “value” lacking the importance of Blood and focused on the multiracialist, “pan-human” filth is doomed to fail and sink into decay. All the empires and civilizations of the ancient world fell because they ceased to protect their Blood and Heritage. Rosenberg was much aware of the dangers of miscegenation and the dogmas that subsequently lead to it. Mongrelization means failure and decadence. All the half-breed “emperors” who happened to sit on the throne of Rome (Heliogabalus, etc.) proved to be the most corrupted and they were responsible for its further decay. The same happens and today: ignorant slaves of the jews permit to ape-like primates like Koffi Annan to interfere in the matters of our Lands. Humanism, the universal church and everything that opposes the ideal of Blood, although they seem triumphant, they are doomed to fail because the weakening of Blood and of the Racial concept always lead to the degradation of the Racial Soul and Character, which in its turn leads to the extinction of a Race. When the Aryan will be cornered by the masses of mongrels and immigrants who will ask for more and more, when he will loose everything he gained all these years, then it will come the time for the Aryan to uprise, to engulf this world in the purifing flames of his rekindled Anger!
Albanese: How do you consider the contribution of darwinism ‘n Positivism to society? There is some kind of dinamism or relation between Evolution/Natural Selection and the Ancestral Laws of Blood?
Definitely. Take for example the ancient Lakedaimonian training system of the children. They cast off the weak and defective by leaving them to die in the caves of Kaiadas. There was an ordeal called Diamastigosis, where the young, before they entered the Warrior ranks, they were whiped to unconsciousness before the statue of the goddess Artemis. Those who would survive from this proved that they were strong and worthy enough to enter the Warrior ranks of the Peers. The Aryans are aware of the fact that Natural selection leads to evolution. The ancients created Caste Systems in order to secure their Blood from degradation, from mixing with that of the lower subhumans they often met in the lands they conquered and colonized. War is a factor of evolution and strengthening for a Race. The Aryans deified War and every conqueror and hero was the embodiment of the perfect Warrior, a Demigod. War is the Father and King of all. Every modern devise has its origin in military usage. Continuous peace is unnatural and brings inevitable racial decline: observe the normal youth of modern Europe and you’ll notice the effeminate character and physics that they have developed after all these years of luxury and peace. Unable to withstand hardships, they are doomed to extinction. Natural selection is prevalent in Nature, and as Darwin wrote, only the strong survive. If we keep preseving the weak and poor in mind among us, then the coming generations will be degraded from the fact that their organism will be based on degenerated genes. This will bring further degradation to the next generations, with mongrels and imbeciles draging their carcasses around us, the perfect slave of the jew! “Only those who are willing to fight are worthy to live…” A. Hitler
Albanese: Politic Police is a totally remote concept from a democratic point-of-view, but is strongly related with totalitarianism. In accordance with your opinion, what fails had the Third Reich respect Gestapo activities?
We definitely need an organization like the Gestapo. It is vital to know who is conspiring against us and at the same time being able not to be detected by the simple folk that you are gathering information about them. It is difficult to hold the State on the right path if you have dissidents in your midst, ready to sabotage you or give important information to the wrong hands. Gestapo, on its part, did a good job for the security of the NS State, especially during the war, although it was sabotaged by high ranking traitors. People cannot understand that you can’t keep a “good faith” upon everyone’s intentions, especially to a regime ruled by our Ideology. Every single zionist, bolshevist, trade unionist, pacifist, anarchist, pan-humanist, etc will do whatever he can to cause trouble. It is imposible among the millions of Europeans to know who is the enemy. Here is where the political police is needed. The modern zionist marxist system knows that and it uses this kind of monitoring especially upon us, since we are their lethal enemy. I don’t think that the Reich had any fails due to the Gestapo activities. Only those who played an dubious role were bothered by the presence of the Gestapo, the rest had nothing to fear. Maybe outside the German borders it was a bit confusing, since it had to co-operate with local agents, who most of the time they used the Gestapo according their own ends (to get rid of personal enemies, etc) so the locals had the notion that the Gestapo was after everyone, something used later by the anti-NS propaganda of the allies.
Albanese: “Aber ein neues Symbol ist bereits emporgehoben und ringt mit allen anderen: das Hakenkreuz. Wird dies Zeichen entrollt, so ist es Gleichnis für alt-neuen Mythus; die es schauen, denken an Volksehre, an Lebensraum, an nationale Freiheit und soziale Gerechtigkeit, an Rassenreinheit und lebenerneuernde Fruchtbarkeit.” What that means the ancestral symbol of swastika for Der Stürmer? Has the hakenkreuz some kind of relevance on Hellenic Culture?
It is the Symbol that makes the Aryan Blood aware of its Powers, The Symbol that reminds us of our Sacred Duty during our earthly lives and our Bond with all those who came here before us, the Ancestral Bloodline and both the Symbol of Swirling Destruction and the Fire of Creation. The Swastika is of great importance into the Strife for Folk Awakening. The zionists know that, that’s why they try to ban every display of it. They are aware of the fact that it is a “generator” that will set in motion the hidden Aryan memories into its unconsciousness. To those of alien blood and consciousness, it inspires hatred, because it is the Symbol of their inevitable Doom, the Blade that will cut their throats, for their death will cleanse OUR Europe: Creation through Destruction. The notion that the anti-clockwise Swastika is evil is completely wrong. There is not “good” and “bad” concept in the Swastika. You cannot call the Sun “evil” or “good” since he both gives life and death. In the Hellenic culture, it is oftenly seen upon the Cloak of Athena as a symbol of Wisdom. In other cases it is often seen on ceramic pots representing the protection and destruction of the Thunder of Zeus… Unfortunately, during the millenias of christian influence a lot of information concerning the sacred symbols of the Hellenes are deliberately “lost” thanks to the priests and monks who helped for that.
Do you support Satanist Black Metal bands? I think that satanic bands do the job of Sion, spreading childish Judeo-Christian satanism. I think that Spear Of Longinus is not a real NS band, because they are involved into satanism (though esoteric Hitlerism also, but remember the title “Satanazi Occult Metal”). Do you think that is possible the mix “Satanism-National socialism”?
Der Stürmer: Many bands see satanism as something both safe and extreme in order to shock their society and pose as something special. Most of them are just after money and fame, and this is proved by their pathetic life-styles. As long as a satanic band is into racialism and support the NS struggle, then I don’t have problem with them. Personally I’m not into satanism, I’d prefer to see Aryans turn into Aryan Heathenism and the Warrior ethics. Yet, we need as many people as possible among our ranks and the more extreme and fanatic the better: “…We will present them a totally radical ideology that will force the weak and the average to disappear from our ranks…” A. Hitler. Presently, I don’t see many satanic bands or orgs that are that much into NS or racialism. All the mainstream money-oriented satanic bands are actualy spreading the typical zionist propaganda, helping further its job with shit like “we hate everyone equaly”, etc. or posing as “the Elite” while they are nothing but big-mouthed faggots. The same goes to all these “heathen” hippies who insult the memory of our Ancestors by praying to the gods for “…global peace and brotherhood”: these traitors WILL be draged back into the dungeons of OUR Inquisition! On the other hand there are bands/individuals who are into satanism (important: not the Laveyan shit!!!) but they are also supporting (and take part in) our Cause: bands like Satanic Warmaster, Deathkey/Satanic Skinhead Propaganda, Nastrond, Inquisition, Altar of Perversion, Evil Incarnate, Emit, etc., have my full support… Concerning SOL, I think you are wrong. They don’t identify their style as “Satanazi Occult Metal” but as “Nazi Occult Metal”. If you’ll take a closer look on their lyrics you’ll see that they’re more into Theurgy and Ariosophism than satanism, they are more into the Black Order- or Fraternitas Loki-style of satanism, which identified satanism as the acceptance of the desastrous aspects of nature, the elements that presently we need in order to engulf this modern world of decadence into a Storm of Catharsis. All in all, if one recognizes satanism as the dark/destructive side of nature (something that our ancestors accepted as part of Nature itself, since every god or goddess possesses a “negative” aspect) and not as what suits the judeo-christians to portray, then it is ok with me. It all depends on the level of the individual’s point of view on Aryan Racial & Spiritual/ethical matters.
Albanese: “Fur Den Kommenden Mann”. Do you believe in Fuhrer’s return? What Adolf Hitler’s features make you think that Hitler was an Avatar?
Hitler was definitely more than just a charismatic leader. If you take a look how the people reacted during his speeches and his public appearances, then you’ll see that an aura of awe led them to paroxysm. Savitri Devi identified him as the avatar of Kalki, a reincarnation of the Aryan hindu wargod Vishnu. During her travels in India, she met a prophet who confessed to her that Hitler was spirited off every night and conversed his plans with the gods. How do you explain this? How an illiterate man who might even not know where Germany is was aware of Hitler’s spiritual presence? See how the Germans and afterwards the rest of Europe got inspired by Hitler and how they waged a War that every normal human would cower and throw down his weapons. They sensed his divine inspiration thus they never cowered in the face of hardships or from the fact that a handful of Soldiers were fighting against the entire world, and if they weren’t betrayed by those who tried to grasp an opportunity to negotiate with the zionists (the well-known “red orchestra”) they would have conquered the entire world. Hitler represented the return of the ancient demigod warlords and kings, whose inspired words led the Aryans into conquest and greatness. Hitler’s Return is inevitable, his Spirit will re-appear in the Man That Will Come. From our side we must stand loyal to the NS Weltanschauung, we are here to spread further the words of the Fuhrer. Something ordained by the Fates/Providence cannot be halted by mere weaklings as the jews and their laws and puppets. Before his earthly departure, Hitler left us a command: uphold the Racial Laws and fight mercilessly against zionism. This is our Duty: to prepare the world for his Return! And then the World will tremble!…
Albanese: (Related with the previous question) “We'll always remember our Fuhrer's last words/We're waiting the leader who'll unite our hordes”. What do you think about the theories that say Hitler is in the Antarctica? Do you believe in Third Reich Unbekannt Fliegenden Objektkes and Implosive Energy?
I read a few articles of Serano conserning the New Swabia theory. Maybe in some extent his claims are true. The Hellenes knew – although they have never sailed that far – that Antarctica was constituted by two separate condinents, united by thick layers of glaciers and ice, so maybe this was a distant memory. They said that when these glaciers will melt away they will reveal the entrance to the hollow earth. Serano’s writings speak about a secret German military base in Antarctica and that the Nazis came in contact with the denizens of the hollow earth. He also said that from New Swabia we will bring the rise of the Fourth Reich, were the Fuhrer will return with a fleet of Haunebu to reclaim what was lost. With a first look, these claims seem a bit exagerated. On the other hand there is evidence about the Haunebu flying saucer aircrafts that attacked the allied planes. The Stealth technology is based on the Haunebu blue-prints, since the Germans had already constructed Stealth fighters decades before the american Stealth bombers. Maybe all these UFO appearences are nothing more but secret programs of constructing such flying machines, or even a tour of duty from New Swabia! The space programs of the russians and the americans and the atomic bomb (it is rumoured that the Third Reich had already constructed a nuclear bomb to destroy New York but the specialy designed planes were destroyed during the allied bombings) were developed from the existing plans of Germany. I won’t speak about the Vril theory, since there are not any scientific proofs about this, only some reports of the allies about a mysterious monk called the Green Dragon, who taught the NS leadership about the Vril powers of Agarthi (not tho forget the number of tibetan monks found dead after a ritual suicide). Time will tell if Serano’s claims about New Swabia were true.
Albanese: “Beyond the Black Sun appears the Green Ray, situation hard to explain and inexistent for the people that here we are, but realer that reality itself”. (From “Manu”, by Miguel Serrano). For the things i read in the lyrics of Der Stürmer, i notice a strong belief in Esotericher Hitlerismus. Tell me what do you think ‘bout Miguel Serrano ‘n his book “Das Goldene Band”. There are Hellenes writers that you recommend to me?
I haven’t read “The Golden Ribbon”, the only writings of Serano I managed to come across are fragments of his books and some articles of his. I think it’s hard to find his books in English (maybe you could help us a bit on this?)… Our views on Esoteric Hitlerism are mainly based on the writings of Savitri Devi and Julius Evola which I strongly recommend. About (modern) Hellenic writers there are many that I would recommend, but their writings are only written in Greek so that would be a problem. Writers like Perikles Giannopoulos, Periandros Androutsopoulos and Ion Phillipou are not to be missed. Especially Periandros’ writings are EXCELLENT, a pure continuation of the Aryan Hellenic Spirit and Esotericism. We are planning to release some of his writings translated and adapted into English, so keep an eye open!
Albanese: “Un glorioso anello di sangue ha unito due Populi!” What do you think ‘bout Glorious Fascist Regime of Mussolini in Italy?
To be honest, I’m not that fond of Mussolini but I still recognize in him great deeds concerning the change of the contemporary Italian state as well as a natural born leader. I think Mussolini’s stances and moves were critical for the loss of the War (again instigated by pro-allied traitors like Ciano): he invaded Hellas (which during that time was pro-fascist) unsuccesfully but he was forced to retreat, giving to the allies the opportunity to start advancing in the Balkans, thus Hitler was forced to remove divisions from the eastern front and lose precious time in order to halt the allied advance to the Balkans and reclaim the grounds occupied by the allies. Then he opened another front in Africa by invading a fucking insignificand country like Ethiopia in order to prove himself equal to Hitler’s invasion in Poland. Again, Hitler was forced to remove forces from Europe and send them to Africa in order to help the Italians against the allies. Mussolini’s state was not that much based on the values of Blood but rather a lose reminiscense to that of the ancient Roman republic. He was more concerned about the State-structure rather than Blood and Race. He became somewhat “antisemetic” and racialy conscious after Hitler’s declerations against the jews. On the other hand, I’d definitely prefer a statesman like Mussolini than the scum that presently “governs” us…
Albanese: Hellenic Culture is consider the cradle of occidental civilization. How do you feel when democracy (Hellas invention) laughs of Natural Order changing hierarchy by charisma, lechery and equality?
Democracy doesen’t stem from the direct Hellenic Racial psyche, but from the circumstances prevalent during the era that led to its birth, so I don’t consider democracy as something equivalent to the Hellenic spirit. Democracy was invented for the poor to avoid been sold as slaves or see their possessions confiscated because of their heavy debts to the wealthier. They saw in democracy a solution to avoid this, and afterwards, improved by Kleisthenes, it was preserved as a political system. Democracy during ancient times wasn’t that much of a degraded system as it is nowadays. At least those who constituted the democratic system in Athens (where democracy first appeared) were racially homogenous with the same concerns and views. Democracy back then didn’t have this universalist concept as nowadays, only those who were full citizens of Athens had the right to express their opinions in the Agora. When the jew apostle Paul dared to appear and speak in public he was humiliated and almost lynched because of the nonsense he uttered, proving that “alien ideals” had no place in Athens. Women were not allowed to speak or vote, the slaves of course were excluded from every political right too, not to forget that those who refused to join the army were automaticaly losing their political rights and were denied to express their opinions in public. All in all democracy was far different than that of today. What we experience now is a jewish mix of democracy and marxism, mainly marxism I guess. Anyway, I am totally against democracy since I don’t think that everyone has the right to speak; I don’t want every half-wit and ignorant plebian scum to partake and decide for the future of my Fatherland. I am sure that if the ancients knew in what democracy would develop in the future, they would have it killed by its very conception. By the time the plebians begun intefearing in the matters of State, then everything went downwards… Socialism/marxism must be terminated, giving rise to the Warlike Aryan Aristocracy of Blood.
Albanese: I know that Commando Wolf makes the fa(NS)ine Wallachian Tyrant and Hjarulv & J.V.Hagall make (or has made) a zine called “Dark Imperium”. Tell me ‘bout the objectives of your written-manifestos and the content of the last issues. How I obtain a copy of Wallachian Tyrant?
In a time when BM started to become a trend, our mags’ objectives were/are to spread the true face of BM: the devastation of modern hopes and ways of life. We were in contact with bands from Poland (Temple of Fullmoon), Germany (Teutonic Brotherhood), France (the AMSG circle) and Austria (Black Legion Tirol). All these hordes/orgs were the ONLY remaining bastions of true underground BM resistance against the rediculous multitude that emerged and still emerges since then: faggot vampire lover-boys, gothic rock-mixed Blackmetal, rock star attitudes, compromise in the face of corporate labels. We were sick to see all these kids posing to be something that they weren’t: even christian boys (and this comes from my personal encounters with such people!) tried to enter into the Blackmetal underground! Thus we begun this campaign in order to support the True Underground, to engulf it in pure Hate and purify it. Dark Imperium has reached its full circle and now is frozen, but now I’m making the HeathePride mag on the same path and principles as DI. Wallachian Tyrant is exclussively Commando Wolf’s propaganda organ and you can order some issues through the Totenkopf Propaganda address. From the pages of all these mags (and some others we were making as well) there were hordes like Temnozor’, Pantheon, Morke, Puritas Virginum, Graveland, Absurd, Call of the Four Gates, Pagan/Sturm, and so on. Await further assaults both from WT and HP…
Albanese: This session has been conceived as a form-to-penetrate in the ideological side concerning to Der Stürmer and not in the musical side, due to my approach is to investigate about Political Posture. Why do you normally refuse or ignore interviews from southamerican media?
We haven’t ignored any southamerican media, in fact we’re in contact with a lot of southamerican bands/individuals, especially within the Pagan Front circle. From where did you draw that conclusion? Anyway, I was glad that all the questions had to do with Ideological indoctrination since the musical side is insignificant. What we need are bands with conviction and ideological indoctrination and not hippie metallers who look for recognition, money and stardom.
Albanese: Well, this session has finished. Inquisitor Albanese get the energy of his chakra-Manipura and rises his right-hand for you, Der Stürmer. Your last words before the Inquisition closes the gates of Purgatory? Salve Victoria! Heil Griechenland!
All the best with your Campaign… A Commanding Will shall rise from the Middlepoint of the Earth for the Faithfull to heed, to bring this world and its “values” unto its knees. And when this Day arrives… Vae Victis!… Heil Hitler!