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Interview for EINSATZKOMMANDO Zine answered by C.Wolf (2006)

1) Heil! Maybe we start with Der Stürmer' history.
Der Stürmer formed in 1998 by J.V.Hagall, Hjarulv Henker and me (Commando Wolf), in order to propagate the Fundamental Principles of the NS Weltanschauung to the Black Metal underground.Today , in 2006 A.y.p.s. we are stronger , more offensive and more dangerous than ever, and you have seen nothing yet! For more info and news everyone encouraged to check our official website: The Fight goes on!
2) Der Stürmer was the anti-Jewish newspaper in Germany between 1923-1945. Why you choose that name?
You have already mentioned the reason at your question.We choose this name as Der Stürmer was the biggest and the most intolerant Anti-Jewish piece of propaganda.Same ideology , same goals! Hail & Honour to Julius Streicher!!!
3) Yours new cd "A Banner Greater Than Death" is finally done. When we can buy it ?
Its not out yet , the Czech jews who run the vinyl & cd factory had banned this release and caused several problems to the label. However , new factories founded and the LP/CD will be out within few weeks.
4) You recorded 2 splits with polish bands: Capricornus and War 88. Why this bands, and what you think about they?
Actually we have release 3 splits with 3 Polish bands. Capricornus , War88 & Galgenberg.It was a Honour for us to share a release with such great Elite hordes.Capricornus is one of our closest comrades since years now. War88 is for us a totally cult , real underground horde from the shores of Gdynia from Mighty Pomerania. Galgeneberg is another great Silesian band which we liked a lot their music and attitude.In my opinion all this 3 releases was Brilliant , the response from the comrades was also very good.
5) You are from Greece. Why you're singing in English?
Cause it will limit our message to a smaller group of people. By using english its obvious that we want to reach a larger audience , and move things further.Der Stürmer`s message is a Pan European one and English is the best language for our propaganda to take shape amongst our European kinsmen.
6) In yours many song we can hear fragments from Third Reich. What's the sense, the message of these lyrics?
Cause it was the only bright moment in this Modern World of shit. It was the Blood Versus the Gold. A Fight for the protection of our European Heritage. 3rd Reich with its values & strife was the perfect incarnation of True Aryan Warspirit. Our Lyrics have various themes , from Radical Racial Hatred to Glorification of Ancient Values and Beliefs and Blood Worship. From Political themes to Esoteric/Traditional topics and Nietzcheic struggle to Overman`s Throne.
7) Why you don't like Jews? :)
Racial Jews or Spiritual Jews ( Christians , Reds , Nihilists , Liberals e.t.c.) is one and the same for us , Crush the Zionist cancer!
8) What you think about Blood & Honour ?
The Polish , Flemish and English chapters of B&H have our total support!!!
9) What you think about Polish NSBM scene?
Its not so good now as it was some years ago.Though , there are still great bands like Capricornus,Sunwheel,Kataxu
10) Thanks for a interview. Last words belong to you...
Thanx for the interview and support. Watch out for our upcoming 2nd album "A Banner Greater Than Death" in Die Todesrune Rex and also more releases that coming this year. 88 for ever!