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Decibel magazine Answered by Jarl von Hagall (2006)
1. What does NSBM mean to you—both musically & ideologically (and in any other way you’d like to characterize your reply)?
NSBM for me means a weapon of propaganda in the form of fierce and hateful music. NSBM serves the purpose to awake the racial instincts and reconnect the individual with the ancestral past that lies in his subconscious and his bloodlines. It consists a REAL threat and danger for the current system because it turns against the REAL enemy that is the international Zionism and propagates ideas that are “cursed” for the modern world, that’s why NSBM is forbidden and hunted in many European “democratic” countries while the harmless “nihilist-suicidal- orthodox-vampiric etc.” b.m. jokes are widely accepted and available everywhere.
2. How did you become involved with NSBM? Were you/are you already a member of a White Power/NS organization?
I am involved in NSBM since early 90’s, when even the term “NSBM” didn’t exist… I was also publishing one of the first N.S. Black Metal publications called “Dark Imperium” (1994-1998) that featured bands like WAR 88, Morke, Hodur, Xenophobia, Evil, Satanel etc. I miss these times nowadays because the things were more extreme and primitive back then… I always liked Black Metal to be openly racist and anti-semitic and I was excited when I saw new bands do it to the extreme (Schwarze Sonne, Nastrond, Fullmoon, Capricornus, Sturmtruppen, S.O.L., Entrapment etc.).
Yes, I am a member of the Hellenic N.S. organization GOLDEN DAWN since years.
3. Has Der Strόmer ever been contacted or harassed by watchdog groups like ANTIFA or the SPLC? If so, please explain.
Yes, an uncompromised band like Der Strόmer couldn’t get unnoticed… Because of our band and our political activity, we are known to the antifa/anarchist circles. Some threats and a cowardice attack against me have taken place (with the anarchists being armed and outnumbered of course) but we gave them a taste of their own medicine many times.
4. How would you describe your relationship to and feelings about the non-NS black-metal community in general?
The majority of the non-NS black metal “community” (bands & fans) is just ignorant metalloids, weak and apathetic escapists who their only motivation in life is to collect music and bang their empty heads. They deny fighting for any ideas and they are indifferent for anything that is happening around them, living in their own fictitious world. They think that they are “extreme” and they “shock” the society by cutting their flesh like junkies and declare how much they hate the world and wish to give an end their own lives (but they don’t have the guts to do it, of course), but they cause more laughing and pity than “fear”… Also a trend that many kids follow lately, is the “orthodox” b.m. with all these Yiddish biblical bullshit… It’s tragic to see how popular these clowns and their judaic concept gets nowadays…
Although we respect and support some Racial and politically-incorrect non-NSBM bands, generally we are not affiliated with the “b.m. community”…
5. There was originally a reference to “Norwegian Aryan Black Metal” on the back cover of Darkthrone’s Transylvanian Hunger; Emperor guitarist Samoth has a band called Zyklon (originally Zyklon-B, after a Nazi gas-chamber fumigant), and Mayhem use old SS Totenkopf insignias on their t-shirts—yet all three bands would not go so far as to call themselves NSBM. Do you feel that their use of NS/White Power symbols and terminology is fraudulent?
I think that they used these symbols/terminology mostly because of its “shock value” than because they really believed in it… Darkthrone made a disgraceful apology-statement about their references in “Transylvanian Hunger”, while Zyklon B (that they changed their name to “Zyklon” to look less-extreme in the eyes of the jews) made a statement in their MCD that they aren’t a racist band, so…
6. What advantages, if any, do you feel NSBM has over other forms of White Power music?
While other forms of White Power music (RAC, Hatecore) are talking mostly about the problems that our Race is facing nowadays like immigration, race-mixing etc. and about the Pride of being White, NSBM is concentrated mostly in the esoteric aspects of our Weltanschauung that consist and the epitome of National Socialism. I think that this is most important and makes NSBM the Mystical Voice of the Aryan Soul…
7. To what extent, if any, do you view Der Strόmer as a useful or effective recruiting apparatus for White Power or NS organizations?
I consider Der Strόmer useful in this matter, because our music & lyrics maybe can give the motive and turn a music fan to an aware racialist and an active member of a WP/NS organization, that is the most important. This is the highest goal of our music, our motivations are 100% political and ideological.
8. Which do you think is a more effective means of communicating your beliefs—action or music? Please explain.
Action of course. I don’t believe that we can defeat the Z.O.G. with music. Our music is a call to action. I believe that music is a good recruiting tool because music speaks to the soul and can influence people (see what the jews have managed with MTV playing non-stop nigger “music” and turning white youth to self-hating wiggers) but if someone will stay only to the music and doesn’t get involved, then he’s just a fence-sitter. We need activists and not listeners!
9. Do you believe RaHoWa is imminent? If so, what preparations have you made?
RaHoWa is imminent and the only solution. The future looks dim and the things are going to become worse and worse for our Race. Of course, I’m not waiting any “awakening” from the majority of the whites that are brainwashed, naοve and selfish and they are going to turn against us, taking the side of the enemy. So, most of the “whites” are going to die in the RaHoWa, they are our enemies too… A Total Cleansing must be done so that a New Order will emerge…
Everything we do is a preparation for the RaHoWa!
10. If you could change three things about the world today, what would they be?
The three things that I want to EXTINCT (and not change) from this world is:
Jews, race-mixers, faggots…
I hope that I managed to hurt enough the feelings of your readers…