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BLOOD & HONOUR (Croatia) Answered by Jarl von Hagall (2006)

1. When was your band formed, what did you record until now and who is in the line-up?
The band was formed in 1998 by me (Jarl von Hagall), Hjarulv Henker and Commando Wolf. Since then we have released the Europa Erwache! demo, the Siegtruppen promo tape, the The Blood Calls for W.A.R.! CD/LP, the Polish/Hellenic Alliance Against Z.O.G. split CD with CAPRICORNUS, the Iron Will and Discipline 7 EP, a split LP with GALGENBERG (incl. our demo), the Once and Again Plundering the Zion split 7 EP with WAR 88 and the A Banner Greater Than Death CD/LP.
2. Which bands influenced you at the beginning of your career? Did someone from your band played before in some other band?
We were influenced by early N.S. Black Metal bands like SCHWARZE SONNE, SPEAR OF LONGINUS, WAR 88, CAPRICORNUS, ABS CONDITUS, ABSURD and RAC bands like NO REMORSE, SKULLHEAD, SVASTIKA, MACHT UND EHRE, LANDSER, SS-TOTENKOPF, RAZORS EDGE etc. Me and Hjarulv Henker were playing in Lamentation (later Nachtkaiser), an atmospheric ambient band dealing with the superstitions and legends of Medieval Europe and we released 3 demos during 94-97. Commando Wolf was in Wintergods, same music style with Lamentation.
3. NSBM scene in Hellas became very strong in last few years. Can you tell us something about the other bands from Hellas and do you have good relations with them?
Some worthy bands are The Shadow Order and Darkthule.
4. As far as we know, you are members of B&H Hellas. Can you tell us in few words how do you see this organisation in Hellas?
No, we arent members anymore. B&H Hellas chose to follow a different direction and concentrate on musical activities, quitting any links with the Golden Dawn Movement. We didnt agree with this decision and our roads parted. Gigs are good to have a good time and listen to some songs of racial pride, but its not the main thing. Also, how its possible an organization that promotes WP Skinhead music to support an organization of climbers that it was always against Skinheads??
5. Do you often play live? What do you think, what is more important, to play live performance, or to create the music albums?
We have played live 3 times. I think that albums are more important because your message can reach more people. But playing live to support political movements is very important too.
6. Your country had many conflicts with the Turkey trough the history. What are feelings towards Turks of the common Greek? What do you say about the possibility that Turkey can become a part of EU ?
Real Hellenes hate Turks and we will not rest until they will disappear from the face of the earth in a bloody massacre. Traitor politicians and Zionist media try to portray them as our friends and they promote the disgusting Hellenic-Turkish friendship, but only leftists and pacifist faggots support this joke. If Turkey will enter EU, Europe will turn to a new Ottoman Empire and we must fight to prevent this.
7. In your country there is one very strong NS organisation, Golden Dawn. Are you sympathisers of this organisation, and can you tell us something more about them?
We are not just sympathizers, we are active members since years. Golden Dawn exists since about 25 years and it have organized countless demonstrations, manifestations, speeches and various other political activities in the streets, as well as many publications (a weekly political newspaper that recently became monthly because of some problems-, an ideological magazine with 128 issues out and the RESISTANCE HELLAS/COUNTER ATTACK edited by our Youth Front). Its one of the longest-running and most active N.S. movements worldwide. Because of that, GD has faced the intense and dirty war of the state, that has unleashed its parastate dogs (anarchists, secret policemen) to cause problems against the movement and its members (trying to make GD members answer against this war with violent and illegal actions, finding a reason to set us out of law). The last and most important attack was the one against our headquarters in Athens, where anarchists tried to set the building on fire with Molotov bombs. The few comrades inside held a heroic resistance. Do you want to know the result? The state tried set up accusations against the leadership of GD because some of the anarchists were found around the building injured by a shotgun… They wanted to turn the victims to victimizers, and the opposite. For that reason, our Leader decided to stop the open political activity of the Movement for a period, in order to protect our members from any persecutions.
8. Your homeland is mother of the whole European civilisation; your history is full of gigantic people of our race. Can you separate someone as the most important person, or someone who you respect the most, and share with us some of your feelings toward him?
You are right, Ancient Hellas consist the fundament of the European Civilization and the epitome of our Weltanschauung. Although, as you said, our history (both ancient and modern) is full of gigantic people (warriors, philosophers, writers, poets etc.), Im going to separate One, not because he is the most important, but because for me he is the most Unique and his stance expresses entirely my life philosophy. He is the King of Sparta Leonidas. With his denial to leave the pass of Thermopiles when he still could (as there was no logical reason to continue the fight) and his decision to stay and fight the hordes of Xerxes until the end, he (and his 300 Spartans and 700 Thespians) set an Eternal example of Heroism, Bravery and self-sacrifice. The Spirit Leonidas must be a guide for each of us in our quest for Fidelity.
9. NSBM is very close to the paganism. What do you think about that, and are you as a Greeks loyal to your gods or you more like Odinism, which is much more popular today?
The Ancestral Creed of Paganism is one of the main principles of NSBM. Paganism is an integral part of National Socialism and the goal of NSBM and organizations like The Pagan Front is to spread the values of Paganism in the underground Black Metal scene. Personally I follow what I call Aryan Paganism, for me all the Pagan Gods and Goddesses of our Indo-European Ancestors originate from the same source, just during the aeons the various Aryan tribes gave them different names. I am Loyal to the Olympian Gods and the other deities of the Hellenic Pantheon as I am Loyal to the Aesir Gods and the Gods of the Celtic, Slavic or Hindu (Indo-Aryan religion of the Vedas) tradition. Hail the Mighty Gods of our Blood!
10. Closing words to our readers?
Thanks for the interview and the support. Hail to all the Croatian comrades and good luck to Blood & Honour Croatia and all your political activities. Its great to see you active! KEEP UP THE FIGHT AND 88!