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BLASPHEMER ‘zine issue#2 (Bra) 2006Answered by Hjarulv Henker
1-Hailz Hjarulv!!! Der Stόrmer have become one of the true weapons of this filthy planet and a cult status in the NSBM moviment. Can your tell us about yourself and how did the band came about?
- Heil. Der Stόrmer was formed when we decided that it was time to spread NS Propaganda and our Hate towards the modernized world of mongrelized scum. By the time we formed DS (around ’97) there were not any NS Black Metal hordes here, only the typical boring trendfucks with their melodic shit they called “black metal”, so we distanced ourselves from the scene and instead of trying to make well-played acceptable music we chanelled our Racial Hatred through our War-Propaganda machine, where only Ideology and Conviction are important. We still distance ourselves from the musical normal-faced “black metal”, we are not entertainers but propagators of Racial Ideals and War Ethics...
2-How did you get involved in the underground, I mean, the very early days when you first faced such a barbaric musical/visual/ideological movement?
- Well, we begun with stuff like Hellhammer, Bathory, Venom, afterwards Samael, Mayhem, Beherit, Tormentor, etc. But by the time “A Blaze in the Northern Sky” was released, then we really saw that BM is not music, it is War. The arsons and murders that occured throughout Europe proved that we were right. We saw that BM was not meant for niggers and slanted-eyed apes but it is the Scaldik hymns and invocations to the Strength of our Blood, the Lycanthropic Aryan instict of Battle and intolerance in the face of alien blood and ideals. Hate-circles like the Temple of Fullmoon (Poland), the Dark Legion Tirol (Austria), the Teutonic Brotherhood (Germany), etc. where the true face and ideology of Black Metal... In the Glare of the Burning churches we forged an entirely new Movement............ The Aryan Lycanthropic cult of Blood and War....
3-Your debut demo-tape ’99 “Europa Erwache!” have become a pure cult over the years. What do you think is the main reasons why it’s got such a legendary status? Some memories about the recording of that tape?
- I don’t know if it has obtained a cult status but if it has I guess it’s because it is raw and relentless. In fact most of it was improvised in the studio during the recording. What you hear is pure Hate coming from within, not some fake “extreme” recording after weeks of rehearsals. It is actual Hatred put into music.
4-I saw the 4-way split you released on Vinland Winds Recs., but unfortunately I didn’t hear it yet. Would can you tell about the whole assault, the songs you recorded and the bands you shared with (Arghoslent and Mudoven)?
- There’s one track from our side called “Marked for Genocide”, one from Arghoslent and two from Mudoven (marking their return after a long period of silence!)... We are in contact with Arghoslent and they are in contact with Mudoven. We totaly respect both of these bands so it was a great opportunity to make this EP. Another nail in the coffin of pc “black metal”..........
5-I never saw any release of Der Stόrmer for sale in a store, even in mailorders they are very difficult to get. Do you regret this situation that it is so difficult to obtain your material or do you think that this way, you only reach the very dedicated audience?
- No we don’t regret it. We are not into this for fame or to see our stuff distributed in international megastores, that would be a disgrace and a failure to our Cause. Not to forget anti-hate law represion that confiscates such stuff. Those who want to get our stuff know where to look. The rest won’t ever catch a glimpse of it...
6-What about the Lp “A Banner Greater Than Death”? As I saw it’s a release of Die Todesrune Recs. What else can you reveal about this full-length album? It also include older tracks?
- It is a Totalitarian Hammer of intolerance that will devastate the modern effeminate cunts. It is the answer to all those who pretend to be “evil & misanthropic” whille at the same time they are the perfect example of the typical modern humanist hippie. No, there won’t be any old tracks in the BGTD... Re-recording old stuff is meaningless.
7-Der Stόrmer have openly a NS connotation. What does this doctrine mean to you and why did you decide to follow this path with your cult?
- NS will lead to the Ascension to the state of the Aryan Homodeus. Those who believe that NS is a “humane” ideology are totaly ignorant. NS will uproot the mongrels and the aliens from our Soil and Blood and give rise to OUR Europe. It will awake the Lakedaemonian and Germanic ethics within the Aryan Beast, to ravish the grounds of the zionist serpents. We are ready to face every opposition, but our Will shall turn the tides. The future looks grim for the worshipers of zion...
8-What your thoughts on the current state of the NSBM? There seems to be a few really strong bands playing what you would call a more true style that doesn’t follow any trends.
- I agree with you. There are many bands that are supposed to be in the NSBM scene but they ARE ABSOLUTELY IGNORANT TOWARDS OUR IDEOLOGY AND WELTANSCHAUUNG!!! We will boycott all these impostors with all our might. They are the main reason why the NSBM underground is rediculed and underestimated. NSBM is the Pagan Hammer that will crush everything that opposes our Ethics and Ideals and not a club where everyone tries to show off to his neighbours...
9-It seems that there are two kinds of Black Metal nowadays. On the one hand, you have the “corpse-paint, leather and spikes” Black Metal mainly satanic, blasphemous lyrics... and on the other hand you have the “bullet-belts, chains and weapons” War Black Metal with lots of martial and fiery lyrics, most of them include radical politics influences. What do you think about these two styles? How would you label the brutal delivering of Der Stόrmer?
- NS War Metal. This includes everything that we stand for!!! About the BM styles you mention, I like both styles as long as the hordes are serious and have a Racialist consciousness and conviction. I hate to see all these trendy newcomers who thrive in both styles, posing as something that they are not or they don’t know what it represents. Fucking weekend “warriors”... Fortunately, the outcome of their bands is hillarious, so you can recognize the impostor. A trendy guy is a weak coward who’s after fame, so when he feels the pressure that NSBM is getting, he instantly switches into something safe (nihilism, or whatever) in order to avoid problems with the police, etc... Never trust the trendy faggots! They will gladly snitch to save their asses.
10-In my opinion, many of the bands out there who claim to be Death/Black Metal bands these days aren’t even Death/Black Metal bands. To me, Death/Black Metal is raw and obscure, even scary music and was not meant to be nice or whatever you wanna call it... Some examples, personally speaking, Arghoslent and GBK are the few ones in both sides. Your view indeed.
- You don’t have to cover yourself in leather and spikes in order to be brutal or extreme. We are not doing this to look “extreme”. Blackmetal is a Weapon of propaganda against the subhuman filth. I know many bands covered by spikes and “goatbloodcum” and they are “total brutal sonz of the goathatelord” but they are nothing but normal metalloids who pretend to be something that they are not. Where is their “terrorism”? By singing about “goatfucking the nunasses”? Only in their fucking imagination. What have they done to terrorise this world? By releasing demos? Pathetic.........
11-Are there any legends you could work with once? Maybe Bound for Glory, Spear of Longuinus or Burzum.
- All the bands you mentioned are highly respected and it would be a privilage to release something with them. In fact a split with SOL is planned for the future. Another horde that would be great to join forces with would be Schwarze Sonne, unfortunately they are not active anymore........ That would open the Gates of Auschwitz for real!!!
12-Are you listening to any musical weapon while answering this interview? What band, Lp?
- Right now nothing, but an hour ago I was listening to Vlad Tepes... A Plague for the trends!
13-I’m listening to the canadian gods of war Blasphemy right... They used to call themselves a Black Metal Skinhead band since the early days. What your opinion about this cult band?
- What do you think?
14-Let’s go back for a moment before we complete the conversation. What can you tell us about the future of Der Stόrmer, as well as the outside activities you have going on?
- About DS, we have already recorded a new track (“Poison of Modernity”) for the “Anti-Live Aid” compilation CD that will be released by Supernal Rex. Now we are preparing some tracks for a split CD with the Thuringian Warmongers Totenburg, plus an exclusive track for a compilation CD (to be released through the Satanic Skinhead Propaganda) with some trully extreme and outspoken Racialist Hordes like Xenophobia. I am also preparing the third issue of the HeathePride mag, to be released sometime in 2006 and we have also prepared two Wodulf tracks for a split EP with Wulfhere.
15-Hailz once again Hjarulv... I guess that’s all from my side for now... If you think I missed out on something really important, feel free to add that now...
- We Must Change The White Man’s Thinking And Help Him Recover His Ancient Courage..... 88!!!