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Interview for BLACK TERROR METAL E-zine answered by C.Wolf (2006)

1) What does the band name mean? Is a tribute to anti-jewish newspaper in Germany between 1933-1945 ?
The name means "The Stormer", and we took it from the infamous anti-jewish newspaper that existed in Germany, edited by Julius Streicher, an example of a True National Socialist Fighter. His life ended on the Judaic ropes of the joke known today as the "Nuremberg trial".
2) Let's tell us about your new full length "A Banner Greater Than Death"? Would You illustrate the composition process ?
"A Banner Greater Than Death" is our 2nd full-length and it’s just released, 5 years after our first album "The Blood Calls for W.A.R.!". We came up with the album title and covers since 4 -5 years ago. We are not in rush in releasing our full-lengths. This time we used a real drummer and I think the result turned out to be very good. I think "A Banner.." is our best material so far. Both muscially and lyrically.
3) What about the lyrical concept of the new album ?
The lyrical concept of the tracks is divided in many parts and different historical periods. But all of them are connected since all of them are equally important in representing the struggle of the European Folk-Soul through the centuries. Of course various works and doctrines of Revolutionary philosophy and writers like Oswald Spengler, Savitri Devi, Julius Evola, F.Nietzsche, Adolf Hitler e.t.c. have a huge impact on our concept and lyrical approach as well.
4) European history has never been for you source of any infuence and of personal and musical formation?
European history, philosophy, culture and the world of Tradition connected to it are the main driving forces behind Der Sturmer`s existence.
5) Can you tell me which are the main bands which have influenced you ?
The main bands that influenced the sounds of Der Stürmer are Capricornus, Morke, Abs Conditus, Spear of Longinus etc.
6) Did you have problems with the antifa?
Yes, there are some problems with them through the years. Most of them are not directly connected to Der Sturmer as a band but to the persons behind, and this because of our Political activities within the Hellenic NS movement.
7) What are your thoughts on the following?
a) Paganism: European Man`s true identity lies in Paganism. Paganism in its true form, binding the European man with the Tradition and the fundamental ideals that our Europe builded upon.
b) Orthodox Black Metal: -
c) Third Reich: A bright moment in European history, an example of courage, heroism and iron will that we all must Hail and follow. The struggle and sacrifice of these people MUST NOT be forgotten!!!
8) Any plans for live gigs? When will you be in Italy?
We have already played 3 times in Hellas in various Political Festivals and hopefully next year we will try to play abroad as well. If someone in Italy wants to organize a DS concert then feel free to contact us.