We are celebrating the soon-to-be 20th anniversary of our ear- as well as earthshattering "Asgardsrei"-album with a special release for our Slavic fans and friends. The (remixed as well as remastered) "Asgardsrei" will be released as limited jewelcase with Cyrillic translation, exclusively available in the Ukraine and GUS-countries on / after December 16h, 2017.

For the sake of providing updates on upcoming live concerts and new releases via social media, we have added an official Facebook page too. As a rule - if you read it here it's legit. If you don't, it's not.

After a five-year hiatus, the tyrants of German Black Metal are getting ready for a series of live performances with a new line-up! The first on the list is the legendary Asgardsrei-festival, which is taking place in Kiev, on December 16th, where Absurd will play alongside of Goatmoon, Naer Mataron, Peste Noire, M8l8th, Burshtyn. Tickets can be ordered here:
Founding member JFN has reformed the band with a new line-up of committed session musicians, while he himself will perform vocal duty. JFN explains this decision in a brief public statement: "It's not a novelty for Absurd to replace some members every now and then, this has happened more than once ever since 1992. When band activity dropped to zero after 2012, me and Wolf concluded that I should give it a try and reform Absurd once more. Our first live apperance will take place at the Asgardsrei festival, where Commando Wolf, long-time friend of Absurd, will join us to play bass guitar. Together we'll play the entire tracklist of the notorious "Asgardsrei"-album, from 1998, as well as some classic songs of the early band history. Be there or drop dead!"