After more than 25 years of bandhistory, we decided to get a new bandlogo (based upon the former design) that has no obvious connotations to one or the other ideology and religion. Our lyrics are manifold and in no way confined to a particular attitude, hence the new logo. It was painted by our long-time brother in arms, Antichrist Kramer. However, our former logo(s) will still be used for merchandise, reprints of our backcatalogue, etc.

Video reports about the Asgardsrei-festival in Kiew, in December 2017, and our live appearance there:

 Coming in 2018: Split-Release of Absurd and Evil!


WAXGOAT019 V/A "Tribute to ABSURD" LP /INFERNUS ZINE - The Ultimate Blasphemy HARDCOVER BOOK

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The Thuringian Pagan Madness continues... Absurd live at the Hot Shower VII, in North Italy, on April 7th 2018!

For the sake of providing updates on upcoming live concerts and new releases via social media, we have added an official Facebook page too. As a rule - if you read it here it's legit. If you don't, it's not.