Riding with the Wild Hunt in Kiev, December 2018, once more: The Wild Hunt is calling and we'll answer with another live performance at the Asgardsrei-festival in Kiev, Ukraine. Join the militant Black Metal-legions as they gather during the darkest and longest nights of Winter 2018! Official event-page:

More live gigs coming soon: We'll play one more gig in 2018, on September 1st in Finland. The next one will most likely take place in France, in early 2019. In the meantime, Deimos has replaced Vinzent on guitar and he already played live with the band at the Hot Shower-festival. Deimos was a live member of Absurd from 2004 until 2012 and now he has joined the line-up as permanent lead guitarist, for good. 

New recordings underway: We are currently writing and recording new songs for multiple Split-releases with friends and allies such as Evil, Abyssic Hate, Bilskirnir, Xenophobia, Vothana and more. First in line will be the Split-EP with Evil, followed by the one with Abyssic Hate.

New Social Media-Profile: After three subsequent yet failed attempts to keep a social media-profile on Facebook, all of them being flagged as "hatespeech" and deleted accordingly, we have migrated to and registered a new, official social media-profile for Absurd right there: 

As a rule of thumb, what you can read here on our website as well as there on the social media-profile is legit.

New merchandise available from Nebelklang: